September 29, 2022

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Breakfasts, the Beacon, and Wikipedia (and Other PR PodJots)

Breakfasts, the Beacon, and Wikipedia (and Other PR PodJots)

After a hiatus of the Thanksgiving holiday CustomScoop’s PR PodJots is back, with all the latest from the PR and marketing podosphere.

It’s another busy this week as podcasters return from the holiday break bursting with ideas. Lots of discussion of the controversial Facebook Beacon program this week, and much more. In our first featured discussion this week, Bryan Person gives the scoop on the social media and podcasting to Luke Armour.

Onto the Jots!

The Rundown – The Rundown with Bryan Person

Luke Armour interviews Bryan Person, more commonly known throughout the PR blogosphere as @Bryper, host of the New Comm Road podcast. Luke makes his usual poor hilarious jokes, and chats up Bryan about the basics of podcasting, which tools he uses, and how a “non-tech-geek” can get started in podcasting. They also touch on the social media breakfast, and the importance of “real life” connections with our online contacts. Luke points out that all the “real life” interaction at events like the breakfasts seems to be going against the point of online interaction.

As Jeff Pulver also recently noted, we need face to face interaction more than ever as we move more of our personalities and lives into the virtual realm. To this end, the Boston area offers near-endless opportunities to make face to face connections with the people you get to know online. I try to make it to as many as possible, and can’t even keep up at times—it seems there is a new event on a weekly basis. If you haven’t yet had the chance to reach out to online contacts in person, I can’t stress enough how valuable it is to your brand.

For Immediate Release – Facebook Beacon in the Spotlight

Our friends at For Immediate Release have published no less than four new episodes since the last time the PodJots went live. Phew! You can check out information on those shows here, here, and here, but I wanted to focus on the November 29 show, as Shel (flying solo without Neville) discusses the biggest topic of the week: Facebook Beacon. This controversial ad system tracked user activity on non-Facebook retailer sites, and published those activities in their newsfeeds causing an uproar, from an online petition to myriad angry blog posts (including a Valleywag assertion that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was the new Grinch, spoiling Christmases left and right).

As it turned out, my Media Monitoring Minute this week sounded a bit out of date, as I complained about the privacy concerns involved in the program. Since then, Facebook has significantly dialed back the intrusion of Beacon, switching it to an opt-in program that is more in the control of the user. Shel gives a rundown of the stories coming from the blogosphere this week, pointing out that if the Beacon is reversed, it may cause a bit of trouble in justifying that hefty pricetag associated with Facebook after the $15 billion dollar investment from Microsoft.

Also discussed:

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Around the PR Podcast Horn (in Alphabetical Order):

Inside PROn this week’s episode, Terry and David perform a “then and now” retrospective on PR agencies. They discuss how social media will fit into the firm “of the future,” mentioning the recent discussions taking place over
whether to segregate a social media practice within a firm, or if all PR practitioners should be integrating it into their client work.

Managing the GrayIn his new episode this week, CC Chapman begins by commenting on the large number of comments his previous episode inspired, and his appreciation for the passion of the listeners. He also gives an overviews of the recent kerfuffle over the Facebook Beacon.

Marketing MartiniI can honestly say I had not heard of a “pop-under” ad until I listened to the latest Marketing Martini. Bill Sweetman interviews Alex Gardner of Casale Media about this controversial form of advertising, which has
proven to me you learn something new every day. You’ve never heard of them either, you say? Well click here and check it out!

Marketing Over CoffeeThis week, Chris and John spend some time discussing the “evil” manipulations of Wikipedia by PR flacks and corporate interests, and other uses for the site. They point out that if you’re not on Wikipedia, creating a page is the best way to control what goes on there about your brand. They also offer 12 useful tips for marketing your non-profit organization.

On the Record with Marianne AllisonThis week “On the Record,” Eric Schwarzman interviews Waggener Edstrom executive VP and Chief Innovation Officer Marianne Allison. They discuss what’s involved in encouraging clients to participate in the latest innovations in communications, and ways to evangelize widespread adoption.

PRobecast It’s a double-podcast week for Topaz Partners! In their November 16 episode, Doug Haslam, Sandy Kalik and Susan Koutalakis discuss their usual mishmash of topics this week, including discussions on Mobile Internet World, the Wall Street Journal deciding to allow stories to be Dugg, and the ins and outs of end-of-year pitches. In the latest episode from November 30, Doug, Todd Van Hoosear and Ron Capra cover the PR snafu from a member of Sen. Chris Dodd’s staff, as well as the Guide To Viral Videos published recently on TechCrunch.

Six Pixels of SeparationMany companies have jumped into blogging (with varying levels of success). This week, Mitch Joel interviews Debbie Weil, author of The Corporate Blogging Book, about—what else?—corporate blogs, and how far they have come in a relatively short period of time.

Trafcom News PodcastSound check! Donna Papcosta uses several different recording devices—phone, skype, built in MacBook mic, fancy-pants mic—to record her latest Trafcom News podcast, in order to give her audience a feel for the different types of audio equipment out there and what kind of sound they can expect from each.

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