September 28, 2022

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Conferences, Food and More!

Conferences, Food and More!

Welcome to another edition of CustomScoop’s PR PodJots, our weekly rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere.

It’s another busy podcasting week leading into next week’s holiday—and I know you’ll all be disappointed to learn there will be no new PodJots next Friday, the 23rd, as I will likely be fighting my way through hordes of Black Friday shoppers (I can never resist joining in!).  Never fear, we will post a super-sized edition the following week to ensure we don’t miss any of your episodes.

On to the Jots!

New Comm Road – Multimedia Conference Blogging

Bryan Person discusses using blogs to help guide your multimedia conferences. Bryan emphasizes that keeping a blog for your conference is important, but keeping it updated throughout the conference is just as vital. He cites a couple of recent conferences succeeding at blogging, including PRSA International and the much-discussed UGA-Connect Conference held recently, where participants kept the “viewers at home” abreast of conference events with constant blogging, Tweeting, Flickr streams and other methods.

The “event blog” is only as good or informative as the organizers make it—if you set up a blog with the bare bones
information that is better than nothing, but why create a blog in the first place if you’re not going to jam it with as many juicy tidbits as possible? Bryan gives the “Road Map” for creating the best possible event blog, including using your conference blog as the “information hub” during the conference and encouraging the use of tagging so particpants can easily sort through everyone’s thoughts.

Also discussed:

  • Setting appropriate goals
  • Using a multi-author format
  • Monitoring visitors using Google Analytics or a similar tool

PRobecast – Whole Foods Smackdown

Doug Haslam and Adam Zand revisit the Whole Foods PR gaffe from earlier this year, in which CEO John Mackey posted under a false name to online message boards. Whole foods has responded (poorly) by banning top executives from blogging or participating in social media at all. Doug and Adam point out that it shows a fundamental lack of trust between the company and its executives, and wonder why it took the board so long to make the decision. Adam also
points out that this may be a first amendment issue.

While I certainly understand the reasoning behind this move, I wish it didn’t come off as such a heavy-handed afterthought. Rather than tightening the leash on their executives, why isn’t someone form the Whole Foods
PR team engaging them in appropriate social media education? Cracking down is certainly one way to avoid something like this reoccurring, but wouldn’t everyone be better served by guidance rather than restriction? This is a blown opportunity.

Also discussed:

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in alphabetical order):

Disruptive Dialogue – Jeff Taylor on LinkedIn

With all of the social networking options out there, it is refreshing to see how-to podcasts that will make life a little easier for those that want to get involved. In this podcast, Custom Scoop CEO Chip Griffin and Fleishman-Hillard Senior Vice President Jeff Taylor take a close look at the business-oriented social network LinkedIn. As Taylor notes, LinkedIn can frustrate some initially, but is an invaluable tool for those that engage in the community. The two agree that people can effectively use the service in different ways, but it is important to go into it with a strategy in mind.

Forward Podcast #35 – The Young PR Community –

Luke and Paul tout Young PR Pros (YPRP), a growing community for young PR professionals that started as a Yahoo group and has branched out onto a number of social networks. The bulk of this week’s podcast is Luke’s interview with Kevin Barry, the group’s moderator across four social networks. They explain how the groups serves as an excellent
support tool for those that are new to the profession, moving to a new town, or even old pros.

For Immediate Release – #292 and #293

On Monday’s show (recorded on Sunday), Neville praises Personal Branding’s “A Brand You World – 2007 Global Telesummit” that he participated in and notes that the content is posted as podcasts.  Shel encourages listeners to read and update the New PR calendar for upcoming new media conferences.  On Thursday, the pair mentions that Facebook has the added feature of creating secondary pages.  Shel announces that the duo will be launching an advertising
campaign to gage the effectiveness of communicating and networking on Facebook.

Inside PR – The Art of Conversation

Relationship building being the basis for good public relations, David and Terry discuss an important element as their main topic of discussion this week: the art of “critical yet collegial conversation.” Blogging and other forms of social media sometimes lend themselves to disagreements, and learning how to keep your head and be reasonable when your back is against the wall is important to keeping good relationships, and clients for that matter.

Managing the Gray – C.C. Goes to Emerson

C.C. Chapman reflects on his resent Q&A session on social media at Boston’s Emerson College and takes additional questions from callers. Chapman touts the benefits of social media in general and the importance of participating and experimenting even if the potential benefits are not immediately clear.

Marketing Martini – Domain Name Leasing

This week, host Bill Sweetman talks domain name leasing with Jonathan Boswell of In the short interview, they discuss the concept of leasing domain names, something I’d never considered. But if you think about it, domain names can be every bit as expensive as a car, so if leasing is a more affordable option, then why not?

Marketing Over Coffee – Ride the Wave

In a special evening edition of Marketing Over Coffee, Chris and John discuss (among their usual wide variety of topics) the idea of “email wave campaigns,” conducting a series of several marketing emails using different subject lines to determine which subjects best result in getting the email read. He also wryly notes that email has become an
“old school” method in marketing, as it is celebrating its 10-year (at least) anniversary.

The Rundown – The Bad Pitch Bloggers

Kevin Dugan and Richard Laermer, the bloggers in charge of the grade-A blog exposing bad PR pitches, The Bad Pitch Blog, sit down with Luke Armour on the Rundown this week. They discuss the recent Internet fracas involving bad PR, the history of their blog, and how best to educate students and professionals alike on good social media practices.

Six Pixels of Separation– Website Guidance

Aside from touching on the issue springing up this week regarding who will ultimately “win” ownership of social media tools, Mitch Joel plays another interview he conducted at PodCamp Boston 2. This time he spoke with Jared Spool from User Interface Engineering about how to develop and nurture your website. Jared gives the “six points” this week, including how to use SEO to your advantage, as well as the importance of good design and (of course) link love.

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