September 29, 2022

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Fried Beacon! (And Other PodJots)

Fried Beacon! (And Other PodJots)

Welcome to another edition of PR PodJots, our weekly rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. It was a light week this week, perhaps some of our favorite podcasters were attending conferences, such as the excellent SNCR Symposium that Chip Griffin and I attended on December 5 and 6.

The controversial Facebook Beacon program continues to garner coverage, as the guys from Marketing Over Coffee, among others, report on the program’s troubles this week.

Marketing Over Coffee – Fried Beacon

Aside from their usual wide array of topics (I think I honestly use that phrase to describe this podcast in each edition of the Jots, does anyone have another way of saying, “These guys talk about everything”?), John Wall and Chris Penn discuss the heavily covered controversy surrounding the Facebook Beacon. They give a rundown of the problems
involved, that Facebook users’ purchases were automatically populating to their public news-feeds, alerting friends and family to their Christmas gifts. After a strong reaction from the blogosphere, the program has been altered to be strictly opt-in.

John questions why the idea of “social shopping” was even considered a good idea in the first place, with Chris chiming in that the concept of people making similar purchases as their friends has been around a while. I agree, if there were a less invasive way to apply this concept, it may actually be an excellent marketing method. But I can’t see how, even
with the newly opt-in nature of the Beacon, this type of program can be implemented without raising the ire of privacy advocates. What do you think?

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in alphabetical order):

Forward PodcastYahoo Finance columnist and writer of The Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk joins the Forward Podcasters this week, and offers an astute perspective of how people in their twenties should manage their careers and deal with different obstacles in the workforce.  Paull interviews Penelope on her personal experience, including starting a business and working with her young “Ryans.”  Penelope advises younger workers not to derive happiness from a job, but instead realize relationships truly bring joy.  She also recommends that workers shouldn’t be overwhelmed with finding the perfect job or fitting into a specific mold that their parents or other mentors have previous set forth for them.

For Immediate ReleaseWhile it seems like just yesterday that Shel and Neville passed the 250 episode mark, this week marked their 298th and 299th podcasts, making Monday’s episode their 300th. On Monday’s episode, they also cover the Beacon complaints, as well as touching on the recent social media gaffe from retailing giant Target (see our coverage here for details). On Thursday’s show, Shel and Neville discuss “live Twittering” while at events and conferences, the re-launch of Technorati, and of course plans for the 300th episode.

Inside PRAfter a brief listener comment-prompted discussion of advocacy work in public relations, David Jones and Terry Fallis cover the launch of com.motion this week, a “social media boutique” from Veritas Communications. They discuss the particulars of the launch, which naturally included multimedia elements and a social media news release, as well as blogger outreach. Terry compliments Veritas for effectively using social media to launch their social media practice.

Managing the GrayCalling this week’s show “Friends” vs “friends,” CC Chapman discusses the difference between social networking “lowercase friends,” and “uppercase Friends.” With lowercase, you may know quite a bit about
them from following them online, but may not actually know them in the sense that you have a deeper relationship, and are important to each other’s lives—the definition of Uppercase Friends.

On the RecordEric Schwartzmann welcomed PR blogger Josh Hallett to the podcast this week, for a discussion about how social media has changed the face of communications. I’ve been a fan of Josh’s blog for a while now, he is one of the best voices out there discussion the effects of social networking and communications on PR and marketing.
Eric and Josh discuss how he came to be involved in new media technology and how to best implement it for client communications strategy.

Six Pixels of SeparationRather than a featured interview for his 80th episode of SPOS, Mitch Joel changes up his format a bit and discusses a number of topics. On his Six Points this week are tips to get the most out of your Facebook profile. This is something I think a lot of folks will be interested in, as Facebook is sometimes one of those applications you sign up for and then sit with, saying “now what?” Mitch recommends a number of widgets for optimizing your profile, including importing links and Twitter statuses.

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