September 29, 2022

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Is Education the Answer? (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Is Education the Answer? (and Other PR Blog Jots)

More Tips for Blogger Outreach
Communications Overtones

Perhaps in a reaction to the numerous bloggers who are calling out PR firms and professional flacks for lazy pitching practices, I’ve seen an uptick lately in posts offering constructive advice to companies looking to dip a toe in the blogger
outreach waters. I applaud all these efforts, the more we try to educate PR pros on the best ways to reach out to key influencers, the less bloggers will have to complain about. Kami Huyse offers ten common sense tips on forming relationships with influential bloggers. “I have synthesized the words of a few others and added a bit of my own advice to help newcomers navigate this area.  Call it bloggers relations, blogger outreach or influencer outreach (my new favorite term), but remember that it is all about the attitude you bring to the game and the golden rule, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do to you.’”

Buzz Advertising
The Flack

With the Superbowl looming weeks away, advertisers are already gearing up for the expected PR bump the best ads usually receive. Peter Himler wonders how viral video will continue to affect advertising, noting several buzz worthy YouTube spots (including the Whopper video I discussed in yesterday’s Jots). He argues that it seems the point of advertising in many ways is to become the newest “big thing,” rather than to simply get your product in front of the eyeballs who happen to be watching the spot when it runs. This concept is especially valid when you consider the number of TV viewers who are timeshifting, watching programs on DVR and fast-forwarding through commercials. “Many marketers no doubt count on that PR pop to justify their multi-million dollar investments. They retain PR firms to “leverage” their clients’ creative to end up on the list of “most recalled.” In fact, the noise for this year’s game already has started. Perennial big bowl bettor Budweiser floated Ferrell (at left) to whet the media’s appetite. As the marketing
disciplines blur, we’re seeing more and more ads created explicitly to set mainstream and citizen media’s tongues-a-wagging (versus only reaching the audience du moment).”

Wait Til Next Year…
Marketing Conversations

It’s that time of year again! Movie critics are coming out with top ten lists, news outlets are conducting “year in review” segments, and bloggers are making predictions for new developments in the year ahead. As 2007 winds down,
Jonathan Trenn offers up his own fearless predictions, including the idea that women are going to be moving up in the social media world. As the proud owner of some female chromosomes, I hope he’s right. I’ve wondered before why it is
that in a profession with so many women, there aren’t more powerful female PR bloggers. Perhaps 2008 will set a new trend. “More often than not, men are early adapters, while women are more cautious. But women seem to use the
internet more for social reasons. We’ll see some significant success stories from social networks that are either specifically designed for or are primarily geared to women. And they won’t tolerate being overly marketed to or egregious violations of their privacy.”

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