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Seasons Greetings as Marketing? (and Other PR PodJots)

Seasons Greetings as Marketing? (and Other PR PodJots)

Welcome to the last edition of PR PodJots of 2007! This week’s Jots are slightly abbreviated, as it seems that there is some sort of “holiday” coming up that has many of our regular podcasters off somewhere trapped in a “mall” or something. It’s a real mystery.

Despite this, a few intrepid souls maintained their usual rigorous podcasting schedule, unlike me, who will be taking the entirety of next week off! Therefore, no new PodJots next Friday. They will return the first Friday of 2008, January 4.

Over Coffee
Seasons’ Greetings as

John and Chris welcome very special guest Scott Monty to the show this week. Among the issues on the menu this week, they discuss the idea of the holiday card as a marketing tool, something a few bloggers were touching on this week. Twist Image, Mitch Joel’s Montreal-based marketing firm, set a great precedent with their much-praised multi-media holiday greeting.

While most companies send standard holiday greetings to their customers and vendors, some are branching out into multimedia, a clever take often involving games or other interaction. Scott points out that at smaller companies like crayon with a lower budget, online video can provide a possible medium for holiday greetings.

Also discussed

Around the PR Podcast
Horn (in alphabetical order):

For Immediate Release #302 and 303 On the Monday show this week, Shel and Neville cover the latest Pew study on digital footprints, and Chip Griffin’s piece on the social media rulebook, which many disagreed with vehemently. On Thursday, Shel and Neville included coverage from Dan York on the Web Awards, a discussion on brands and social networks, and the demise of Blognation.

Forward PodcastIn the Forward Podcast’s first ever live show on Saturday, December 15, Paull Young and Luke Armour discussed what “you” are doing to address globalization with “academic powerhouses” Richard Bailey and Robert French. They discuss language issues—English as the universal “language of business,” for example—and other issues that will influence business on a global scale in the coming years.

Inside PRGetting into the spirit of the season for the latest episode, Dave and Terry make their PR and social media “wish list.” Among their fondest wishes, they guys ask for improved measurement methods, for social media to become a PR staple rather than a niche, and for PR pros to stop claiming to be social media “experts” when they aren’t actually engaged in the community.

Marketing MartiniBill Sweetman discusses domain names frequently, but have you ever thought about the particulars? This week he talks about the importance of having a domain name that ends in .com. He emphasizes the need to buy your brand’s dot-com name through a site like Go Daddy, and the importance of domains to branding.

PRobecastIn an especially fun episode, Doug Haslam, Tim Alik and Adam Zand cover a range of subjects. They discuss the Webkinz craze and the ethics of advertising to children, as well as whether it’s kosher to break up with a significant other via social media. The team also gives their thoughts on Chip Griffin’s controversial “Rulebook” post on Media Bullseye, and whether Google Knol is a viable competitor for Wikipedia.

Six Pixels of SeparationMitch Joel continues to focus on a wide variety of topics this week, letting audience audio comments dominate much of the show and spur the discussion. He also calls for lots of comments with thoughts on
2007, which he will compile into a “Yule Log” episode for next week’s show. In his “six points” this week, Mitch offers six ways to optimize online advertising.

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