December 17, 2018

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Bebo Beats Out Facebook In Social Networking Survey

Bebo Beats Out Facebook In Social Networking Survey

The UK’s *Guardian* [notes]( a new study by [Computing Which?]( placing Bebo at the top of the social networking heap in terms of usability and security issues. The *Guardian*article states:
“Bebo and Facebook achieved the highest scores of 79% and 74% respectively, and were rated easier to use than MySpace and best for socialising. Bebo, which is used predominantly by the 13- to 24-year-old age group, is praised for working hard to encourage responsible networking. ‘Users can restrict who sees their information, and block users, and there’s plenty of advice on security risks and how to avoid these,’ says the magazine.”
Additionally, a number of bloggers chime in on the issue. A number disagree with Facebook’s relatively high placement and point to recent questionable security “gaffes” by the online community. David Berkowitz of Inside the Marketers Studio contemplates the survey in terms of how the general user base perceives the social networking systems versus the tech community. Berkowitz [highlights]( a [piece]( from TechCrunch UK with a similar take on the report:
“Facebook needs to offer consumers who fan marketers’ Pages the same controls it offers for search privacy. Until that happens, I’m not letting the issue drop. But I’m also in favor of giving Facebook credit for what it does right.
TechCrunch UK’s Mike Butcher […] offered his own dose of gravitas: ‘This survey is a useful reality check. Most mainstream, non-geek, users of sites like Facebook could not give one jot about ‘data portability’ and have never heard of Robert Scoble, especially in the UK. That’s why I [wrote]( that the Scoble incident would be a big issue, in the *tech industry* – not the mainstream.’ […]”

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