January 23, 2019

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Blogs Matter (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Blogs Matter (and Other PR Blog Jots)

**[Blogs Matter](http://www.conversationagent.com/2008/01/new-media-influ.html)**
**Conversation Agent**
A recent survey of journalists shows that blogs and other forms of new media may be influencing journalists more than we think. The survey reveals that over 70 percent of reporters are reading blogs on a regular basis. Valeria Maltoni examines the study with pleasant surprise, noting that one of the reasons may be that research budgets for mainstream reporters have been cut, leading them to return to blogs. “We’d like to think that news reporting is completely unemotional and factual. Research should uncover those factual data points, although I hear all the time from contacts I have in the news business that research budgets are being cut. What sells in my experience is the human connection, the story, and in regional markets the local angle.”
**[Clemens and Tigers and Reputation Management](http://crisisblogger.wordpress.com/2008/01/11/roger-clemens-and-the-san-francisco-zoo/)**
The two stories have nothing to do with one another, but Roger Clemens and the San Francisco Zoo are certainly facing the fires of reputation crises lately. Clemens is embroiled in the scandals resulting from the Mitchell Report on steroid use in major league baseball, while the zoo struggles with the aftermath of a fatal mauling by a tiger. Who is doing the better job managing their scandals? Gerald Baron thinks it’s the zoo. “On the other hand, Clemens has come out with bombast, righteous indignation and undisputable denials. If he is completely and absolutely 100% innocent and he can demonstrate that with little room for doubt, his demeanor will be seen as appropriate and justified. If not, it is clearly a case of the lady protests too much, plus a complete and utter lack of credibility probably forever. Lying quietly and with dignity is one thing–doing so at the top of one’s lungs is quite another.”
**[Is this Thing On?](http://www.nevillehobson.com/2008/01/14/tips-on-microphones-and-related-podcast-questions/)**
**Neville Hobson**
Tips abound on how to get started in podcasting, but many seem to focus on the social aspects of promoting your podcast, and finding your niche. Neville Hobson gives some sensible tips on some of the more technical aspects of the practice, specifically how to find the microphone that best suits your needs. He answers some questions from a reader regarding his preferred microphone, the Microtrack. “It’s great for recording interviews with one or a couple of people. Not so good for recording, eg, meetings, where you have different distances between people. For situations like that, though, any single microphone will present challenges. If you want to capture everyone’s voice clearly, the best bet would be individual microphones or, at least, a couple strategically placed in order to capture voices at reasonably consistent levels.”

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