December 9, 2018

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Calling for a PR Measurement Roundtable (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Calling for a PR Measurement Roundtable (and Other PR Blog Jots)

[**Suggestion for 2008: a Measurement Roundtable**](
**Pro PR**
Measuring public relations results in the social media space is a tricky undertaking. Many of the brightest PR bloggers ([Kami Huyse]( and [Katie Paine](, to name a couple) frequently devote blog posts to the subject, but Joseph Thornley wonders if we cant’ do more. He suggests a measurement roundtable, a “real life” event featuring the best minds in PR measurement. “Let’s engage a moderator or group of moderators who would frame the questions and then attempt to draw out major issues, points of agreement, and lines of additional discussion. The roundtable format should enable participants to have a full discussion of each topic, with free exchanges of opinion, and hopefully the development of consensus on principal issues.”
[**Stumped on Web Strategy? Start Here.**](
**Web Strategy by Jeremiah**
In a mind-bogglingly comprehensive post, Jeremiah Owyang updates his similar (and popular) rundown of web strategy from 2007 for the new year. In what can only be described as a condensed version of “Everything You’d Ever Want to Know About Web Marketing (but were afraid to ask),” Jeremiah breaks down web strategy into eight families, with subtopics on everything ranging from search engine optimization to online video. He stresses, however, the importance of integrating web strategies into an overall plan. “Whew, that’s the major families, but remember for many corporations, these elements will not be successful in a vacuum, the opportunity for momentum happens when they are combined and used strategically. At least one person or group should have full knowledge of how your brand is being used online and in other mediums.”
[**I Can Has Webkinz?**](
**Six Pixels of Separation**
The unbridled success of kiddie social media gathering site [Club Penguin]( has prompted what Mitch Joel is calling a “second wave of virtual worlds,” that is, an influx of social networking sites aimed at the 10 and under crowd. The most popular of these is [Webkinz](, which takes regular stuffed animals and sells them with a special web code that allows kids to log on to their “virtual pet’s” online world. Think Beanie Babies meets Facebook. Mitch Joel points out that analysts are predicting the number of children involved in virtual communities to more than double by 2011, to about 20 million. Mitch takes this surge as a sign that the virtual world will only continue to thrive. “Disney picked up Club Penguin for about $700 million dollars, and we’re reading reports that over 95% of teens and tweens take part in Online Social Networks – if you couple that with taking a look at meta trends, you’ll be able to piece together how the Web is looking to unfold when it comes to making money in Online Social Networks, Virtual Worlds, etc… I don’t like any of the Second Life is over rhetoric. I’ve heard that time and time again when it came to other new online models. Most of them wound up surviving.”

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