February 17, 2019

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Crisis Communications in the Age of New Media

Crisis Communications in the Age of New Media

Jonathan Bernstein, one of the foremost experts on crisis communications in the age of new media, recently spoke with me about his advice for communicators in today’s environment.  Jonathan has more than a quarter of a century of experience in crisis communications, and has worked for the likes of Ruder Finn, legendary investigative reporter Jack Anderson, and the U.S. Army’s Military Intelligence covert operations group.

(Click here to listen to the 17 minute interview.)

His cutting edge advice has led him to coin several terms which he defines and discusses in the interview, including “Internet Counter-Intelligence” and “I-Reporter.” He publishes a free newsletter on crisis communications, has written a book on the subject, and offers a wealth of advice online at www.thecrisismanager.com and www.bernsteincrisismanagement.com.

During the course of our discussion, Jonathan shared some ideas on a variety of free tools that can be used to develop the “Internet Counter-Intelligence” he advises all organizations track in an effort to avert major crises.  In addition, he makes suggestions on how and when to respond to attacks in social media.  He emphasizes the importance of using free or paid tools to distill the raw information being generated, especially for organizations that may be receiving an overwhelming amount of attention and mentions.

(Click here to listen to the 17 minute interview.)

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