February 17, 2019

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Defining a Crisis (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Defining a Crisis (and Other PR Blog Jots)

**[Crisis Comms 101](http://blog.holtz.com/index.php/weblog/crisis_communication_fundamentals/)**
**A shel of my former self**
In a comprehensive post that could serve as a primer for anyone looking to learn more about the fundamentals of crisis communications, Shel Holtz defines the various types of true PR crises, and lays out potential strategies for dealing with them. Most resonant for me was the point that we are all quick to go into hysterics about the latest “PR crisis” without remembering that really, not every problem is a crisis. I am guilty of this myself, pouncing on any PR gaffe and labeling it a crisis. “You can’t check your feeds these days without spotting an article proclaiming one incident or another a ‘PR crisis.’ It seems that everyone from experienced journalists to neophyte bloggers have adopted “PR crisis” as a label for any problem an institution might experience. To qualify as a genuine crisis, though, there needs to be a realistic probability that the company’s reputation is at risk.”
**[Viral Drafting?](http://occamsrazr.com/2008/01/15/coattails-and-drafting/)**
**Occam’s Razr**
By spoofing or paying homage to something that is already extremely popular, can you ride a viral’s coattails? Put another way, Ike Pigott compares the idea to auto racing, in which two cars can each increase their speed by drafting, or driving in the same airspace to decrease the amount of drag. He uses a local news video-spoof of the upcoming (and much buzzed about, at least online) horror film Cloverfield, noting that while the news program may benefit from the film’s popularity, the film may also pick up some new interest thanks to the spot. “Local 6 News rides the coattail of the undefined creature of Cloverfield. I’m willing to bet the homage generates a little pro-movie buzz along the way. The nature of influence is not a closed system.”
**[Who is Your Personal Marketing Audience?](http://personalbrandingblog.wordpress.com/2008/01/16/your-personal-marketing-plan-part-2-of-5/)**
**Personal Branding Blog**
In the second of a series of posts regarding marketing your personal brand, Dan Schwabel argues that targeting the right audience is just as vital to personal marketing as it is to marketing a product or brand. He points out that through blogging and other forms of online networking, you are increasing the size of your “audience,” and therefore increasing the number of opportunities for your personal brand. This makes sense to me; I’m not on the job market, but if I ever were I know there would be plenty of people I could turn to for guidance via my online network. “Audiences (fans/website visitors/subscribers/people in your network/prospects interested in your topic) are the one’s that will come to your speaking events, email you for information or want to do business with you. Audiences can be converted in to friends, friends can be transformed into clients and clients into money.”

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