December 17, 2018

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Facebook Strikes Again (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Facebook Strikes Again (and Other PR Blog Jots)

**[Facebook vs Scoble](**
**Matthew Ingram**
As the news of the Scoble/Facebook kerfuffle continues to spread through the blogosphere this morning, Matthew Ingram gives a good breakdown of the situation for anyone who was out to breakfast when the story broke. He discusses the particulars of why what Scoble was doing ticked Facebook off, and covers the issue of data portability in a way that makes sense to newbies. That is: if you do all the work of building up your contact list using Facebook, shouldn’t you be able to download it for use in any way you like? “The bottom line, I think, is that Facebook should make it easier for people to move their data from Facebook to somewhere else without scraping the site using bot-scripts. Whether Scoble’s symbolic gesture will help to push them in that direction remains to be seen.”
**[Make Your Meetings Count](**
**Chris Brogan**
I enjoy finding posts that can be useful across the board to anyone working in communications, not just the social media geeks among us. In that spirit, I offer Chris Brogan’s latest post on making the most of your meetings. Chris breaks down meetings into their various purposes (status checks, brainstorms, etc) and offers advice on how to keep them short and effective. He also adds in some geek appeal, noting some social media tools that can be of assistance in running your meeting. “Social media tools that are useful at brainstorming sessions are a mindmapping tool like [Mindmeister](, which captures free form ideas in a visual way, and can be later shared in a variety of methods. Other tools for brainstorming could be a shared tumbleblog on [Tumblr](, where people can clip in various bits of information to share what their vision of a project can be. Need visuals? Don’t forget [Flickr]( for finding photos to use internally for the discussion (be mindful of their Creative Commons status).”
**[More On Measurement](**
**Communications Overtones**
Yesterday we highlighted a post from last week in which Joe Thornley called for a roundtable discussion on measurement, noting that Kami Huyse was one of the bloggers he’d like to see attend. Kami proves why with her post today, on calculating the ROI of public relations campaigns. (Hey, two posts in a row that can appeal to non-social media geeks! I’m on a roll.) Kami offers an extensive guide to PR measurement resources for those seeking the most cost-effective approach. “You can conduct very expensive and complicated measurement schemes, but an immediate source of measurement could be much more simple. Talk to your marketing, development or IT department and you may find many measurement resources that are closer than you think!”
**[Content Advertising](**
When CustomScoop first began sponsoring popular PR podcast [For Immediate Release](, we used a simple 60-second commercial outlining our features. When the audience complained that it was dull and boring, we switched it to a minute-long segment about trends in social media and the importance of monitoring to reputation management called the “media monitoring minute.” Using real, appropriate content as a form of advertising has been gaining speed in recent years, and Brian Clark argues that trend will only continue to grow in importance. “The plain truth is, great content is the most effective way to advertise online, because to be considered great content, it can’t look anything like what we consider advertising. But great content does need to naturally demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable about your field of expertise, and that’s why it works so well.”

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