December 17, 2018

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Gawker Installs Bonuses for High Traffic Posts

Gawker Installs Bonuses for High Traffic Posts

Shortly after taking over managing editing duties, Gawker publisher Nick Denton installed a new payment program for bloggers. In a newsletter [released ]( Gawker site Valleywag on Tuesday, Denton announced that bloggers receiving the most page-views will receive bonuses that could reach into the thousands. His goal is to move away from what he terms the “mind-numbing frequency” of posts under the current pay-per-post scheme for Gawker bloggers.
And indeed, Gawker sites do boast an astonishing number of posts–keeping tabs on even a handful of Gawker’s very popular blogs is nearly impossible for the employed (and probably a pretty big undertaking for the unemployed as well).
From the newsletter:
“Where there was a shortage of attitude and commentary, there’s now a surfeit. And what’s in heavy demand, and short supply, is linkworthy material, by which I mean a secret memo, a spy photo, a chart, a well-argued rant, a list, an exclusive piece of news, a well-packaged find.”
The newsletter goes on to explain the new structure, indicating a set monthly pay for a set number of posts, and a bonus incentive for the most heavily visited among them:
“Each site will be assigned a pageview rate, which is the dollar amount that each 1,000 pageviews on the site is worth. Although this sounds similar to an advertising CPM, this number has nothing to do with your site’s revenue or advertising value. At the end of the month, if the money you earn in pageviews exceeds your monthly base pay, you will be paid the extra money as a bonus.”
While the idea of compensating bloggers for the traffic they generate is nothing new, Gawker’s size and popularity bring the issue to the forefront, inciting [reaction ]( throughout the blogosphere.

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