December 9, 2018

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Happy New Media Year (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Happy New Media Year (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Many of our podcasting friends are still recovering from a holiday hangover, but those that are back at it have a lot of interesting bits and pieces to offer. Common themes include predictions and resolutions for the New Year. We also get some up to date in the latest PR news, and even a few interesting “how-to” tidbits.
So, without further ado, on to the jots:
**[Jaffe Juice #99]( – Focusing on What’s Now**
Those of you suffering from Jaffe withdrawal can jump off the wagon – he’s back after an “amazing” trip through beautiful South Africa, which he describes in detail later in podcast #99.
JJ #99 takes an interesting look new media marketing, suggesting the web may in fact be helping old media techniques. This feeds into a key theory the developed from Jaffe’s new book, which is to “use new marketing to prove new marketing (read more on his [site](—part.html).)” In true Jaffe fashion, he offers the book free to any blogger willing to publicly review it.
As you surely noticed by the headline, Jaffe is on the verge of his 100th episode and promises to put together a spectacular podcast in his next effort, so make sure to stay tuned for that. Jaffe is clearly excited, already thinking listeners for taking part and describing himself as “almost emotional,” even with all that jet lag.
**Also discussed:**
• ooVoo Responds to slighted Mac user
• Jaffe HATES conference calls
• Branding strategies
• The Experimentation Case Study Challenge
**[Inside PR]( – “Resolutions our Clients Should Make”**
As many of us do this time of year, Dave Jones and Terry Fallis announce eight New Year’s resolutions. However, their resolutions are for other people rather than themselves, which is nothing short of a brilliant concept! Specifically, the duo offers a series of recommendations to their clients as to how they involve their PR representatives in the entire lifecycle of a campaign.
If only clients would listen to this podcast – Terry and Dave’s recommendations would do a lot to serve clients through increased creative development on the part of the PR firm. PR campaigns may also run more smoothly if clients heeded other advice – set realistic expectations, respect the scope and budget of the campaign, and commit to measuring programs after the fact in order to be better prepared for future projects. If you work with a PR agency, listen to this podcast, and at the very least, think about how Terry and Dave’s suggestions might prove to be a win-win proposition.
**Also discussed**:
• Veritas’ social media survey
• appraise vs. apprise
• potential social media measurement roundtable event
**Around the PR Podcast Horn:**
**[On the Record]( – Online with PRSA Chairman Jeff Julin**
Eric Schwartzman features a relatively brief interview with PRSA Chairman and President of MGA Communication Jeff Julin. Julin explains how his interest in the PR community and “the team” concept helped guide him through the ranks of PRSA. This podcast is highly recommended for any of you that are interested in the future of the PRSA and the industry in general.
**[For Immediate Release #306 and #307](**
The go-to PR news podcast looks at the latest happenings involving Second Life, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft opening up on YouTube, PR ethics, and other issues. FIR #307 marks the podcast’s three-year anniversary, and includes an interesting discussion about blogger relations. Those of you who are regular listeners of FIR will want to check out the new web forum that Shel and Neville have just launched.
**[Trafcom News Podcast #67]( The CEO Podcast**
Donna Papacosta offers specific how-to methods for producing CEO audio messages, including real-life examples. Papacosta relies on’s subscription service to exchange large files back and forth, and has also facilitated recordings using Skype’s services. She offers a few key pointers – plan the distribution process carefully, ask him/her to stand, and don’t read directly from a script!
**[Marketing Over Coffee]( – The Biggest Thing Since the Thing Before Sliced Bread**
Bottled water is the biggest thing since sliced bread? It is according to Chris and John as they briefly discuss in their first podcast of 2008. If you know of any product that’s been successfully marketed prior to the turn of the twentieth century, please let them know. The duo also reviews a number of copywriting tips as mentioned in Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port. He recommends that people in the professional world should write on a regular basis and offers a number of tips on coming up with possible topics.

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