September 29, 2022

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How To Break Into New Media (and Other PR Pod Jots)

How To Break Into New Media (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to another edition of CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, our weekly rundown of the best the marketing and public relations podosphere has to offer.

Is it just me, or has this been a slow week? I know we struggled a little coming up with the topics for our own Media Bullseye Radio Roundtable today, perhaps it only seems like a slow week due to the hubbub of last week (what with the Scrabulous, Target and Ford, oh my!).

We start today with CC Chapman, who answers your burning question: how do I get paid to participate in new media?

Managing the Gray – How to Break Into New Media

CC Chapman reports that the question he is asked most frequently of late is how best to break into new media. More specifically, what is the best strategy for finding a job in new media? He mentions in the notes for the show that the best advice is really to try and get in on the ground floor at a company who is already working in this space.

What struck me most about it is that while he argues that it requires a lot of hard work, he also mentions that it takes luck in some cases. I must agree with that. I came to CustomScoop to do social media monitoring, and eventually much of my job morphed into something totally different (and totally awesome). Of course, you can’t guarantee luck, so he offers some advice for helping the luck along.

Such as:

  • Work hard
  • Network, network, network
  • Don’t sell yourself short
  • Focus on what you specifically want to do

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in no particular order):

Third Tuesday TorontoWe already love Donna Papcosta’s Trafcom News podcast, and this week she launched the Third Tuesday Toronto podcast as an additional project. In this week’s brief but sweet installment, she interviews Ali DeBold of, and offers up some insider insight on PodCamp Toronto .

Trafcom News –  Speaking of Donna, she’s got a new Trafcom News up this week as well! In this week’s episode, she revisits her Podcaster’s Checklist, and announces yet another new project. Among her advice? Read “How to do Everything With Podcasting,” the essential handbook from Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz. 

Six Pixels of Separation –  A man after our own hearts here at CustomScoop, Mitch Joel touches on the importance of monitoring blogs in this week’s installment. He also discusses the art of “presentation zen,” and how to elicit reactions and responses from consumers with communications. 

PRobecast –  Media Bullseye Radio guest Doug Haslam and the rest of the team from Topaz cover the gamut of issues this week. They discuss the mainstream press in a couple topics, noting potential layoffs at the Boston Globe and the political endorsements of the New York Times, along with the reaction of Agence France Presse to a reporter using Facebook as a source.

On the RecordEric Schwartzman welcomes Kevin Lewis this week. Kevin is a Harvard scholar who conducted a study on social networking. In particular, Kevin’s study focused on the friendship within popular networking site Facebook. 

Marketing Over CoffeeAmong their usual mish-mash of topics, John Wall and Chris Penn discuss the SuperBowl this week, along with the mega-expensive SuperBowl TV ads, which they link to viral marketing. Funny commercials are great, but they must relate to your actual brand or product to resonate.

For Immediate Release – 
In Thursday’s episode this week, Neville flew solo without an absent Shel, and discussed corporate blogging at Apple (that is, the lack thereof) and the Edelman Trust Barometer. Monday this week, Shel and Neville discuss social media the Economic Summit at Davos, as well as Hillary Clinton’s proposal to have Cabinet blogs.

Inside PR
Picking up from last week’s episode, Dave and Terry discuss the importance of measuring your public relations success, and the relationship between measurement and stakeholder relations in particular, with some good comments from the audience. Also: their Inside PRoper English this week is one that drives me batty!

Jaffe Juice – 
For episode 101 (and do check out the 100th episode from last week if you’ve not yet had the chance), Joe Jaffe focuses on the latest regarding his book, “Join the Conversation,” including the tome’s first social ad on Facebook. He also mentions the Gaffes of the Week from last week, noting the Scrabulous/Target/Ford trifecta. 

Marketing MartiniDo you suffer from blogger’s block? I know I do. Bill Sweetman offers some useful advice for getting past your block and into the habit of blogging regularly. His best idea: digital voice recorders to record your ideas even when you don’t have time to write.

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