December 17, 2018

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It Takes a Twitter Village (and Other PR Blog Jots)

It Takes a Twitter Village (and Other PR Blog Jots)

**[It Takes a Twitter Village](**
**Pistachio Consulting**
In one of the better explanations I’ve seen lately for the value of Twitter, Laura Fitton compares her Twitterverse to her own village. She considers Twitter akin to living in a small town, where you frequently cross paths with friends and neighbors while “out and about,” and they add value to your life in a number of ways. “New to Twitter, it makes no sense. Post 140 characters into the ether? Stare at the public timeline’s chaos washing over me? Why the h…? How does Twitter [shift from idiotic to amazing]( It takes a village – a critical mass of interesting people – to read and write to. When my brain started to connect with the brains (and hearts) of others, it got really, REALLY cool for me. You may be looking for like minds, or you may want to be totally shaken up by new ideas.”
**[Data Portability and Privacy](**
**Six Pixels of Separation**
Anyone interested in their personal brand ought to be Googling themselves on a regular basis, information out there about you on the Web is easy enough to monitor—but will Data Portability take away from your privacy? Mitch Joel examines the privacy implications of Google and Facebook signing on to the Data Portability Workgroup. He questions whether we should fear a future in which our online identities have lives of their own. “In what sounds like a tech play, we’re actually seeing some first seeds into another fascinating realm of how your Personal Brand will unfold in the Digital World going forward. In the real world, you are who you are – people have a general idea about you based on speaking, meeting and watching your actions. In the online world, it was pretty common to have multiple identities – some were even anonymous, and some lived only in virtual worlds. Your Avatar could, literally, be someone totally different from who you “really” are.”
**[Data Portability Group: What To Expect](**
**Web Strategy by Jeremiah**
The blogosphere has been buzzing all week about the announcement of Google and Facebook joining the Data Portability Workgroup. Raise your hand if you’re still not even 100% clear on what data portability even is? (Raises hand.) We could all use a little help understanding, and Jeremiah Owyang lays out some explanations of the next steps for the group, and what we can all expect going forward. “Why should we hold this group accountable? As they are going to make decisions about our very own data, privacy, and identities, it’s important that not only we entrust them to make these important decisions, but to also ensure that work gets done from this working group.”

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