December 17, 2018

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JPMorgan Bullish on Search Advertising

JPMorgan Bullish on Search Advertising

2008 will be a healthy year for many major Internet companies, according to predictions made in JPMorgan’s new 312-page [2008 Internet Investment Guide (PDF)](*d_170762.pdf*h_-3ohpnmv). The report suggests that although revenue will slow down slightly, Internet companies covered by JPMorgan will see earnings outpace the market by a four to one ratio. A major factor, according to JPMorgan, will be a $4.3 billion jump in search advertising revenues.
JPMorgan anticipates that CPMs (cost per thousand) for online ads will increase as a result of a “tighter” supply and improved monetization techniques. This is expected to help search advertising maintain a 28 percent growth rate over the next four years, which is seen as great news for Google, Yahoo, and others.
“We are raising our F’08 global search revenue estimate to $30.5B, from $26.2B, driven by strong volume trends, better-than-expected monetization, and continued robust growth in Continental Europe,” the report explains.
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