January 23, 2019

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New Gadgets Unveiled at CES

New Gadgets Unveiled at CES

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has opened in Las Vegas, and blogs and MSM sources are covering multiple angles of the trade show. In addition to Bill Gates’ speech, there are in-depth MSM pieces on gadgets, robots, and other electronic marvels that will (purportedly) make our lives easier or more efficient.
The makers of the Roomba—the self-propelled vacuum—have introduced the Looj, a self-propelled gutter cleaner. Place it in the gutter and let it scrub away all the icky bits so you don’t have to.
A massive television is also catching trade show goers’ attention. A 150-inch plasma television—that is 12 ½ feet measured diagonally—is on display at CES. The Panasonic won’t be available for another year, for those of you who are shopping for a television that takes up an entire wall.
GM is unveiling its fuel-cell Cadillac called Provoq. The vehicle, which runs on a combination of hydrogen fuel cells and batteries, will have a 300 mile range, and emit zero emissions.
LG has a watch phone on display, but according to a [bit](http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/01/08/lgs-watch-phone-of-the-future-or-maybe-not/) in the New York Times, it is a prototype and the LG rep was unclear about production details, going so far as to say that “[LG] is just showing this to get some attention,” while his coworker at the booth ran off to find the PR rep.
LG also demonstrated a technology that will receive broadcast channels on mobile devices. The technology, called MPH for Mobile, Pedestrian, and Handheld, allows television channels to subscribe and broadcast their signals to wireless devices. The ability to watch television at 140 miles per hour [gives](http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/01/08/tv-at-140-miles-per-hour/#more-793) new meaning to the phrase distracted driving.
And, finally, a very interesting Utterz [about](http://www.utterz.com/~u-NTAwOTA1NA/utt.php) the differences between old and new media in their coverage of CES.

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