December 9, 2018

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Old Media Evolution (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Old Media Evolution (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Mainstream Media Embracing Fifth Estate
The Buzz Bin
In a continuing look at new media, dubbed “The Fifth Estate,” Geoff Livingston praises the evolution of newspapers and other forms of print media as winning the race to adapt to the changing landscape.  He praises recent moves from the New York times and other papers to open their content up to the public and include information on citizen journalism. “These three stories show the symbiotic relationship between online social media and traditional newspapers continues to strengthen. Sacrificing quality yields less subscribers, and at the same holding quality to subscribers only also yields lower readership.”

Bloggers vs. Journalists
Chris Brogan
In another interesting post about the ever evolving relationship between old and new media, Chris Brogan examines some of the hubbub recently surrounding wether bloggers ought to be treated as (or operate with the same standards as) journalists. He argues that he in no way considers himself a journalist, and that painting bloggers with a singular brush is impossible. “I don’t want to be a journalist. I think they’re great people, some of them, and I respect them, some of them, but I sure don’t need to be a journalist to tell you what I think. I share. I inform. I query. But I sure don’t intend to represent anything as a journalist.”

PR for PR
PR Squared
In surveying the “Twitterati” for the current state of the public relations industry, Todd Defren was not surprised to find that many responses, while varied, were quite negative. He acknowledges that things haven’t been peachy keen, but counts himself among the optimists. Todd argues that social media has given the industry a new opportunity, one that will help us get the “groove” back. “I think that the PR industry had been in the doledrums for many years, but that the rise of Social Media has energized the field.  While the advertising agencies will always find a way to make things sexier, Social Media is ultimately about authenticity; about maintaining a respectful, attentive, running dialogue with stakeholders: this is PR’s bailiwick.  There’s plenty to improve on but I think we’ve found our new groove.”

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