September 27, 2022

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Podcast Milestones, Twitter as a News Source (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Podcast Milestones, Twitter as a News Source (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, our weekly summary of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. This week marks a big milestone for Joe Jaffe, whose show marks its 100th episode this week. Among the topics up for discussion among our favorite podcasters, the issues besetting Target, Ford and Mattel this week were high on the list.

Onto the jots…

Jaffe Juice – The 100th Episode
Clip Show

It is the 100th episode of the show that started with Joe Jaffe and Steve Rubel’s “Across the Sound,” and eventually morphed into “Jaffe Juice.” Matthew Ebel serves as a capable guest host for this staggeringly entertaining retrospective of the previous 99 episodes, including some Jaffe Gems, like “Data doesn’t lie…unless I want it to.” It even includes some special Jaffe musical performances (remember the guy who sang about Bank of America to the tune of that U2 song? Yeah, get your Jaffe cover of that right here), and plenty of listener audio comments.

I’d urge all my readers to listen, if this is the first episode you check out, I guarantee you will listen again. I’d also like to extend congratulations to Joe on behalf of all of us here at CustomScoop and Media Bullseye. Getting paid to listen to a lot of PR and marketing podcasts every week is awesome enough, but Joe’s how is always an entertaining stop in my weekly roundup.

Congrats, Joe!

For Immediate Release – Episode #311

As most have heard, British Airways had a plane crash at London’s Heathrow airport this week. Neville Hobson notes that some were using Twitter to communicate the blow-by-blow commentary from the news as the story continued to develop. This sparks a discussion of Twitter as a source of news, which strikes Neville that companies ought to be monitoring sites like Twitter, not only during a crisis but at all times to keep an eye on the online conversation.

He’s right, but what strikes me about the story is the fact that more and more, Twitter is becoming a news source that people are turning to for information. I’m reminded of the day of the New Hampshire primary, I updated my Twitter feed regularly with election updates and commentary on speeches, news, and other information, as did many others. Had I been away from a TV, I could have been very well informed just through my mobile phone. This is a use of Twitter that doesn’t get mentioned quite as much, but deserves recognition.

Also discussed:

  • Ford and Mattel brand protection within social media
  • Blogging and ad revenue
  • Report from Dan York

Topaz Partners PRobcastThe crew from Topaz, including Doug Haslam, Sandy Kalik, Tim Allik and Rob Capra cover many good topics this week. The discuss this week’s MacWorld conference, during which Twitter went down at the worst possible time (during Steve Jobs’ keynote). They also discuss the brand issues this week with Ford, Target and Mattel (who asked Facebook to remove Scrabulous from its applications).

Six Pixels of SeparationAmong Mitch Joel’s weekly six points of advice this week, he discusses several points to consider before taking part in social network advertising. It’s not for everyone, so before embarking, marketers should consider the fit of their advertising, other options, measurement, and more.

Marketing Edge
Host Albert Maruggi welcomes Mike Volpe to the show to discuss five key tips for improving your search engine optimization with online marketing. Among his tips, he recommends attaching your blog to your company’s URL, making sure to renew your domain name, and tagging content.  

Forward PodcastIn a special episode of the Forward Podcast, Paull Young interviews Susan Reynolds about the Twitter-inspired Frozen Pea Fund, and Craig Coglan, who wrote a Washington Post piece about the fund. Support for Susan as she battles breast cancer grew rapidly on Twitter, as users, touched by Susan’s blog about using frozen peas to soothe her biopsy wound, changed their avatars to include peas and donated funds to help support breast cancer research.

Marketing Over CoffeeOn this week’s show, John and Chris discuss the demise of banner ads, and how to deal with a blog post that descends into hatespeak.  They also cover this week’s MacWorld conference, including the unveiling of the ultra-thin MacBook Air and Apple TV.

Inside PR — 
For our Canadian readers, Dave Jones reminds listeners of Inside PR this week that he will be appearing on “Test the Nation” on this coming Sunday, January 20. Tune in to see him! On the show this week, Dave and Terry discuss measuring stakeholder relations, inspired from an excellent comment from one of their listeners.  

Marketing MartiniIn his usual short-but-sweet podcast this week, Bill Sweetman discusses Internet marketing tips, from promotional emails, email newsletters to domain name registration.

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