October 5, 2022

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Roundtable: Social Media Manners

Roundtable: Social Media Manners

Jen Zingsheim, Sarah Wurrey, and I joined for the first ever Media Bullseye Online Radio Roundtable today where we discussed a variety of topics, all of which seemed to center on social media manners.  The 16 minute discussion is available as an MP3 file to download.

PRSA Boston/Social Media Club Boston Event

We chatted about the event that took place last night at Bentley College and took a look at the various cliques that seem to form at social media events.  Is this something that takes place at all kinds of events or is there something peculiar to social media folks that keeps them from interacting as much with those who haven’t consumed as much of the Kool Aid?

Live Tweeting Events

We continued the ongoing dialogue about live blogging and live tweeting events.  In particular, Jen raised the question of whether or not it is impolite to live tweet an event where the panelists are OK with it, but some audience members may find it distracting.  I suggested it might be more a matter of how one does it than whether one does it at all.  Is it a question of being discreet or should live tweeting/blogging be avoided when it makes others uncomfortable?

Gizmodo’s CES Prank

Major gadget blog Gizmodo engaged in a childish prank at the Consumer Electronics Show where they repeatedly turned off TV’s being used by presenters or simply on display at company booths.  Does this reflect poorly on all social media or will the fallout be limited to Gizmodo itself?  Will it impact the decision of CES to provide media credentials to bloggers in the future? Are bloggers more juvenile than traditional journalists?

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