February 17, 2019

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Seven Effective Posts of Highly-Trafficked Blogs (And Other PR Blog Jots)

Seven Effective Posts of Highly-Trafficked Blogs (And Other PR Blog Jots)

**[Need Traffic](http://www.problogger.net/archives/2008/01/04/7-types-of-blog-posts-which-always-seem-to-get-links-and-traffic/)?**
Gawker revealed this week that it would be instituting a new payment structure for its ever-prolific bloggers working for its various sites—they would now receive a flat monthly rate plus bonuses for high traffic posts. The emphasis, Nick Denton explained, should be on high quality posts over vast quantity. Seems to make sense, although the issue has been debated regarding whether it just invites all the gaming of SEO and link-baiting that goes on when folks are trying to drum up traffic. Regardless, here are the seven types of blog posts most likely to gain big traffic (hat tip to Steve Rubel for the link). “It’s a question every blogger asks themselves. I want to answer it here by outlining 7 content methods that seem to work wonders on social media while also generating a lot of grassroots in-bound links. Can you bring these powerful post types to your own blog?”
**[Still More On Measurement](http://fleetstreetpr.com/2008/01/stop-using-views-to-measure-youtube.html)**
**Fleet Street PR**
On popular video sharing site YouTube, are the sheer number of eyeballs on your video the most important indicator of the video’s success? Dave Fleet doesn’t think so. Dave argues that there are lots of things about a video that are important that cannot be measured by views alone. He points out that a high number of views gives no indication as to whether the message of the video truly resonated with the viewers, or if they will buy your product or service after viewing it. “Does several hundred thousand views of Microsoft’s new videos mean they’ve succeeded? Maybe. On the other hand, the negative comments would seem to indicate otherwise. Only more useful measures will tell.”
**[Would Alexander Graham Bell Have Liked Social Media](http://www.conversationagent.com/2008/01/social-media-is.html)?**
**Conversation Agent **
Defining social media is an undertaking that plenty of bloggers have tackled before, with typically mixed results. I like Valeria Maltoni’s approach here—she argues that at its core, when you really consider it, social media is nothing but a tool we use to communicate. It’s the telephone of the 21st century, but too many people try to turn it into something more meaningful than that, and she worries that companies trying to adopt social media into their communications plans will find themselves out a lot of money with little result. “What social media does is simply allow you to do one thing: communicate. That’s it. Social media is not the conversation. It’s the room in which you hold the conversation. It still comes down to saying, doing, or producing something valuable for your customer.”

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