December 17, 2018

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Wikia Launches Open Source Search Tool

Wikia Launches Open Source Search Tool

Google has new competition, but despite a similar look, [Wikia]( is a much different service. Instead of relying strictly on advanced algorithms, the new search engine marries open source search technology with human input. The site encourages users to write “mini articles” about search terms that will be featured on result pages, along with links, photos, and other related content. Search results will also be directly impacted by user ratings.
While Wikia is now live in alpha testing, the search results leave something to be desired. The site, developed by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, is acknowledged to be a work in progress. Wikia, Wales insists, will rely on a community in a way that is not too dissimilar from Wikipedia. Although many will initially be disappointed by the search results, his hope is to establish a growing community that will facilitate constantly expanding and evolving content.
For more on this, check out *Business Week*’s [coverage](, or [TechCrunch]( (the best stuff is arguably the discussion that follows the initial review).

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