October 4, 2022

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Blog Glass Ceiling? (and other PR Blog Jots)

Blog Glass Ceiling? (and other PR Blog Jots)

Note: due to my recent injury that requires me to wear a cast over my right hand, typing has become difficult. The blog jots will therefore be abbreviated for the next few weeks, with just the links and an excerpt, without my usual comments. Thanks for your understanding.

PR Glass Ceiling Extends to Blogs?
The Buzz Bin
Geoff Livingston on the dearth of women among A-list bloggers. “Examinations of the actual ranks of PR firms shows change may be in the works. We are seeing some movement with Marcia Silverman’s chief executive leadership at Ogilvy. Only twenty-five percent of Edelman’s leadership is female.  But about forty percent of Fleishman’s leadership is female.”

Supplement Your Strengths
Fleet Street
Dave Fleet on SMPRs: “I love that the social media news release seems to be gaining traction. I love the flexibility, the multimedia content, and the way it forces writers to cut out the crap. I evangelize the format at every opportunity. Still, a few months ago I wrote about how we needed to find a middle ground with the social media news release. In my eyes, the new format isn’t a panacea – it should add to our toolkit rather than replacing the 100 year-old press release.”

More on the SMPR
PR 2.0
Brian Solis warns not to focus solely on the SMPR: “What we don’t need to do is overlook noteworthy contributions over the last 20 months. That way we don’t take away credit from those whose advancements have paved the way for
everyone else. At the same time, most of the industry is still shaking their heads wondering what all of this means…so what are we going to do about it?”

Architects vs. Developers
Media Guerrilla
Mike Manuel thinks social media needs more teamwork: “For this reason, I think the stronger social media practitioners will be those who can continue to bring these two areas of expertise together and approach programs way more holistically (from the get-go) — thinking about strategy AND development in tandem — verses trying to
bolt the other side on to an idea, or worse yet, trying to fake it.”

Recession = Social Media Boon?
Engage in PR

Kyle Flaherty on how interactive marketing will survive the recession: “If you as a PR individual have not heeded the advice being spread by folks for the past two years now is the time when you will begin to pay the price. If you as a PR agency have not remodeled yourself in order to be able to not only think in a social media manner but actually develop social media applications the time is upon you and your employees. Yes, there is still a bit of time left to get yourself some education by reading, talking and participating. But to be honest I think this is the moment we see the people who have prepared for this moment begin to rise to the top.”

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