December 13, 2018

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Bryan Person Joins the Roundtable

Bryan Person Joins the Roundtable

Bryan Person was kind enough to join in our roundtable chat this week, along with CustomScoop’s Jennifer Zingsheim. We covered some interesting topics, including one that caused Jen to use the word “bleepin’,” to this host the particular delight.

(Click here to listen to the 24 minute discussion)

First up for discussion: the flap between Jeremiah Owyang and David Churbuck, which wasn’t so much an argument is an interesting exchange of ideas that resulted in an excellent conversation on both of their blogs. Bryan urges our listeners to check out the comments in particular, as they have some great reader ideas that resulted from the back-and-forth.

Up next, I mention I have seen a few different occasions of bloggers accusing other PR bloggers of behaving as though they were in a high school clique.  I can see both sides of this argument, but wonder something either way — if there is a bit of exclusivity among bloggers who are already quite friendly with each other, how can we urge new participants to join in the conversation? We also discussed the importance of expanding our horizons to include new voices, and I urge listeners to refresh their RSS readers on a regular basis.

Finally, we chatted at length about the implications for a brand when it is included without permission in an online project that goes viral.  Specifically, we discussed the comedic Matt Damon videos that have made the rounds on YouTube, featuring not only rather blue content but one soft drink in particular.

(Click here to listen to the 24 minute discussion)

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    Sarah Wurrey

    Jeremiah, thanks for the Tweet! I agree, there is room for (and, I think, a need for) all levels of discussion.

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