December 13, 2018

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Effective Apologies (and other PR Blog Jots)

Effective Apologies (and other PR Blog Jots)

So Sorry
Gerald Baron on effectively apologozing for screw-ups in crisis comms. “This article makes it crystal clear why some apologies are effective and some not. But I can tell you the secret in two words: complete and sincere. Sincerity, hedging, limiting, dodging while trying to issue and apology simply doesn’t work. It’s like saying to your wife, “I’m sorry I said those things to you, but…” The “but” will get you every time.”

Fashion Week Opens Doors to Bloggers
Neha on blogging fashion’s biggest event. “I find the most compelling aspect of social media to be the ability for a community to contribute their own thoughts and build upon one another’s ideas. It gives everyone a voice, even those who don’t get those prized seats at the runway. So I find it fitting that with the induction of this new media partnership, IQONS will circulate the first issue of its user-generated magazine among the jewel tone clad fashionistas perched under the white peaks of the Bryant Park tents.”

Twitter Tutor
Disruptive Conversations
Dan York compiles useful Twitter education tool. “As readers know, I’m a fan of Twitter and continue to use it on a daily basis (if you use it, you can follow me if you like). Lately there seem to be quite a large number of articles coming out in the same vein as my own, i.e. “here’s how Twitter is useful.” I thought, though, I would highlight a couple of those articles that I found particularly useful.”

Presidential Social Media
Engage in PR

Kyle Flaherty on last night’s social media event in Boston. “Social media is not a project that can be wrapped up at a particular time, it is organic, two-way and engaging through its nature. Those traits make it the perfect platform to continue a conversation, whether it is between two customers or 100 million voters. Engaging your audience using social media and then letting them go after you get what you need is tantamount to tele-marketing.”

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