January 19, 2019

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Fresh Meat (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Fresh Meat (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Press Release Power
How to get a new blog off the ground and increase readership is a pretty common question, and there are a multitude of methods that most savvy PR pros can offer when asked. But how often do we consider using traditional methods to do so? Eric Reynolds notes that a regular press release can promote your new blog, in an interesting amalgam of old and new. “Simply put it means you can reach thousands of (potentially) new readers, overnight. When you distribute your release via a place like PRWeb, hundreds of other sites re-publish your release via the PRWeb RSS feed. Not only does this mean more places for new readers to find your content, but it means more backlinks to your site (yes a press
release can include links). And don’t forget, if you do it right your release will also appear in Google News, Yahoo News, Topix, etc… just to name a few.”

Twitter Basics
Spare Change
Twitter is a relatively common tool among bloggers and social media enthusiasts, but a comprehensive rundown of its uses and benefits always makes for a good post–how else are we supposed to spread the gospel, right? Nedra Weinreich puts up a great guide to the microblogging platform, with links to the various niches making use of it and how it might benefit your brand. “So, for some, Twitter will always just be a place to tick away the moments that make up a dull day, to fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way. For smart social marketers, though, Twitter can be a powerful tool for education and action. How will you use it?”

Social Media Education
As social media continues to change public relations and communications, it is also changing how students of the discipline are learning. Mike Sansome has announced that he will be working with Angela Maiers to educate students and teachers alike regarding the tools and methods of using social media. I couldn’t be more thrilled with this effort–educating the digital natives will ensure that more future PR practioners are using new communications tools wisely. ” I believe schools should be training students in using these tools that will be (and are already) a part of life. Not banning the tools, but teaching how to use the tools. Ten years ago, schools weren’t teaching email. But look at us now. Ten years from now, we have no idea (we don’t!) how important the use of certain tools will be in the workplace.”

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