October 5, 2022

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I Cannot Tell a Lie ( and other PR Blog Jots)

I Cannot Tell a Lie ( and other PR Blog Jots)

Happy Birthday, Mr. President
Conversation Agent
In honor of Presidents’ Day, Valeria Maltoni takes some of the lessons from George Washington and applies them to social media.most appropriately, she equates his famous phrase regarding truth telling to the most important social media chestnut: transparency.  “This saying is probably apocryphal. But its message isn’t: in social media, transparency is key. Remember that part of the definition of transparency in addition to openness and communication is accountability. Transparency means also always being on.”

Top Blogs
Read Write Web
If you would like to begin a blogger outreach program at your company, but are unsure of where to begin, then this guide from Marshall Kirkpatrick might be useful to you. Marshall identifies the ways to sort out the top blogs in your nation, including the appropriate tools for sorting through excess, unnecessary chatter. “Here’s a comparison of the pros and cons of six different services you can use to do so. None are as solid a solution as the blogosphere deserves. This is a huge opportunity for indexes, but one that will be hard to fill since an index has to be wide and deep to be truly useful for this purpose.”

Internal Twitter?

In another post offering details from last week’s Social Media Breakfast 5, Bryan Person quotes one of the more memorable lines of the presentations, and Jim Storer suggested that micro-blogging was the gateway drug for social media.  Jim went on to describe how micro-blogging could impact businesses, including the idea of setting up an internal twitter page.  “Imagine a Twitter-like application for internal applications behind a company’s firewall. In 140-character bursts, co-workers can share links, post quick updates on their projects, and even show off a bit of
their personality.”

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