September 27, 2022

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Inside the 100th Episode of Inside PR (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Inside the 100th Episode of Inside PR (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, our weekly rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. Hearty congratulations go out to Dave Jones and Terry Fallis this week, as they mark their hundredth episode of their weekly podcast Inside PR.

To mark the occasion, Dave and Kerry recorded their episode in front of a live audience of PR students at Centennial (get it??) College, with lively results.  I wish I heard more podcast that were recorded with an audience, as I think the give-and-take really add something to the dynamic of the show.

Without further ado, onto the jots!

Inside PR – The 100th Episode

This week, Inside PR marked its 100th episode. in honor of the occasion, Terry and Dave recorded the show in front of a live audience of communications students. in episode is framed as a question and answer session, with Terry and Dave as the expert panelists.  They receive some lively and interesting questions from the assembled students, as well as some call ins from listeners.

I would honestly love to hear more podcasts record in front of, to use that 80s TV cliché, “a live studio audience.” Group discussions are livelier, and often yield unexpected turns and more interesting results.most important in this particular case is the fact that they used communications and public relations students as their audience.  This perspective, I believe, will only grow in importance in the coming years as digital natives had to college and study to become tomorrow’s professional communicators.  Definitely give this show a listen, as the students have some provocative questions and make you feel just a little bit better about the future of the industry.

Around the PR Podcast Horn (In random order):

Marketing Martinihow many bloggers out there complain about the lack of readership, when they haven’t even claimed their blog on Technorati yet? Bill Sweetman underscores the importance of using Technorati to promote your blog.

Jaffe Juice
Changing his format a bit this week, Joe Jaffe posts a roundatable discussion from the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, with guests discussing the latest in social media trends. His guests includes Jeremy Helfand of United Online and New Line Cinema’s Gordon Patterson.

The Engaging BrandIn an edition of her show that may appeal to new media makers learning to adjust their style and technique when conducting interviews, Anna Farmery posts a discussion with an experienced television journalist.  They discuss how to connect in one-on-one situations with an interview subject, and draw out their story.

Marketing Over Coffee
I don’t know about you, but I’m terrified of discussing search engine optimization!  Is just one of those social media things that I have yet to fully wrap my brain around. Lucky for me, John Wall and Chris Penn begin a two-part series of their show this week discussing everything you need to know to get started with an SEO plan.

For Immediate Release – 
On Thursday’s show this week, Shel and Neville tackle one of the more interesting questions I’ve heard them take on — is it possible for a PR practitioner to build a Rolodex based solely on social media networking? On Monday’s episode, they discuss employee blogging and its effects on the relationship between an employee and their superiors.

Six Pixels of Separation –  In what he claims began as a short episode, Mitch Joel discusses the importance of technology to marketing. In his weekly six points of separation, he offers six tips for creating a good YouTube video, including a good title, audio, and lighting.

Managing the GrayInspired by a friend, CC Chapman discusses how to further evangelize social media to the world outside the fishbowl. He emphasizes her point that this elusive “conversation” isn’t anything new–the disconnect exists when brands try to figure out how to talk to their audience. His idea to get more folks involved? Photography.

This week, Doug Haslam, Adam Zand and newcomer Glen Zimmerman discuss the CNN producer recently fired for the questionable content on his blog, how to best deal with negative blog comments, and the latest Business Week take on social media.

Trafcom NewsBecause I’m not a victim of this particular problem, am often befuddled by the frequent complaints I see regarding the size of e-mail inboxes.  Donna Papacosta offers some advice on managing your e-mail woes in her latest installment. She recommends using the phone more often conduct business, and using your e-mail program’s filters to weed out unwanted e-mails.

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