December 11, 2018

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It’s Your Netwrok (and Other PR Blog Jots)

It’s Your Netwrok (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Use the Network
Young PR
Sure, those Verizon commercials with the protagonist being followed around by his “network” are annoying, but Paull Young makes an excellent correlation between that network of helpers and your social media network. As a social media professional, he uses the resources and his wide network of friends and colleagues online, who may hold the answers when he is coming up blank. “I feel this could be the greatest opportunity social media offers digital natives and the smart companies that employ them. On a personal basis you’ve got an opportunity to extend your ability through your own knowledge networks. The smartest of smart companies out there should also be considering how they can help their employees build knowledge networks inside and outside the corporate firewall to extend their know-how, brainpower and wisdom.”

More from Podcamp Toronto
Trafcom News
Donna Papacosta offers another terrific rundown of the highlights from last weekend’s PodCamp Toronto. She also includes links to summaries from some of the other attendees. “Wayne MacPhail‘s case study of “How the Alzheimer Society of Ontario Fell in Love with Social Media …” was a fascinating look at how he helped this organization transform its intranet (and soon its external Web presence too) with a wiki and other social media tools. Wayne is one of those multi-talented guys who can communicate in the written and spoken word, photography, audio, video, you name it. He speaks geek too.”

Best Advice is Simple
Communications Overtones
In a simple post offering basic common sense advice to media relations professionals (isn’t common sense always the best kind of advice?), Kami Huyse reminds us all to take the  self-centered nature out of the game. When speaking with the media, don’t think about how it will benefit you or even your client–think of the stakeholders. “The real reason is because you want to raise awareness, introduce a new product, and so on, to someone.  You want a certain group of people to read the story, see it on television or hear it on the radio and then take some kind of action.”

Does Size Matter?
Tough Sledding
Oh, get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about the size of your blog! And so is Bill Sledzik, as he offers up advice for teachers interested in moving up the charts in Technorati–teach people to blog. Blogs are required in his classes, and all that added link love comes in handy. “When you teach people to blog, most are so grateful that they add you
to their blogrolls. I don’t require that students link to ToughSledding, but so far this semester, 11 of the 16 have done so. And that is, in part, why my Technorati “authority” has increased 20% this past one month. I tell you, it’s better than yohimbe.”

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