December 11, 2018

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Roundtable: With The Bad Pitch Blog’s Kevin Dugan

Roundtable: With The Bad Pitch Blog’s Kevin Dugan

Kevin Dugan of The Bad Pitch Blog joined me and Jen Zingsheim on the Roundtable on Friday. Among the topics up for discussion:

Geoff Livingston’s post regarding a glass ceiling in the PR industry. In an industry largely comprised of women, is there a dearth of them in top positions? And why aren’t there more female bloggers on the Power 150?

Reaction to another compelling post from Bill Sledzik, who wonders if PR bloggers have lost both steam and focus.

And finally, will social media become more prominent as a PR or marketing option due to the coming recession? It is a cost effective method of communicating, but our roundtable wonders if too much emphasis will be placed on it for the wrong reasons.

(Click here to listen to the 21 minute discussion.)

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