December 15, 2018

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Setting Standards for Standards (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Setting Standards for Standards (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Debate Continues Around Blogging and Journalistic Ethics
What’s Next Blog
In response to a detailed and vigorous online campaign to discredit an animal welfare official in New York, BL Ochman urges bloggers to set their own set of ethical standards.  She points out that too often bloggers are compared to journalists, and that separate standards might actually be a more appropriate solution to the continuing debate. “This is not to say that mainstream media is teaming with integrity, or that traditional journalists are objective. As Ike Pigott said on Twitter, “when the bloggers figure out journalistic integrity, can they share their newly-acquired sensibilities with the journalists?” Call me pollyanna, but I think bloggers can set a new standard, and an example.”

Controlling the Uncontrollable?
The Buzz Bin
After shutting down the comments section on its recently launched GM Next Blog, Genera Motors announced it would be hosting a chat with some of its harsher critics, and Geoff Livingston wonders if this isn’t an effort to control the uncontrollable: that is, the conversation. “As far as I can tell, GM is engaging the critics, as well as the conversation. By closing public commentary, and then reopening it only to be carefully monitored, how free are the participants to really express their views? The company says it uses the blogs to shape its messaging, perhaps only if that messaging correlates with their own.”

PodCamp Toronto Rundown

Did you, like me, miss out on PodCamp Toronto this past weekend? Never fear, Dave Fleet offers up an excellent rundown of what sounds like a stellar weekend, from the best sessions to the joys of in-person networking. “It’s hard to put into words how much I got out of this year’s PodCamp Toronto. Whether it was making completely new contacts, meeting existing contacts face-to-face for the first time or reuniting with old acquaintances, the people alone made all the work completely worthwhile. Two days of excellent presentations on top of that made it a mind-blowing weekend.”

Web Strategy By Jeremiah
Properly keeping tabs on ROI is a thorn in the side of many a marketer and PR pro, particularly when running camoaigns in social media. In his Social Media FAQ series, Jeremiah owyang offers some sensible ROI answers, including the one I hear most often. “Is it possible? In 2005-2006 we debated if this was actually possible, the argument against the ROI of blogging was as difficult as measuring humans. In fact, until we can measure the impact of a conversation between an employee and a prospect at a coffee shop, it was difficult to measure social media. For me, that all changed when Charlene posted the ROI of GM’s Fastlane blog (this was long before I even thought about working with her).”

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