January 19, 2019

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Social media Breakfast Five (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Social media Breakfast Five (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Social Media Breakfast Five
Tech PR Gems
CustomScoop was unable to attend to the recent social media breakfast that took place in Boston, due to some pretty rotten weather.  Luckily for us, Doug Haslam has summarized the event. “Laura “Pistachio” Fitton, Jim “jstorerj” Storer (of Mzinga, the event’s sponsor), me (“DougH“) and Scott “scottmonty” Monty (from L to R in the phoo below) each spoke to the theme, “How Twitter Has Changed My Life- and Can Change Yours.” In the spirit of Twitter’s brevity, we each got five minutes, and each took different approaches.”

Are Bloggers Getting too Big for their Britches?
Naked PR
in a post that struck me for many reasons, Jennifer Mattern wonders if perhaps PR bloggers are getting a little bit full of themselves.  She cites the case of a high-profile PR blogger taking press release service PRWeb to task for not carrying more blogger friendly content.  Jennifer wonders if perhaps bloggers have come to expect too much and argues that traditional media sources still carry more weight.  “In the majority of cases, coverage on a blog still won’t compare to
coverage from a highly-trusted traditional media source or other niche media source. When they outshine all of their competition on a large-scale (which won’t happen until the majority of the population trusts, and turns to, blogs for their news), then we can talk about writing and publishing news releases exclusively for bloggers. Even now if your sole target audience is bloggers, there are plenty of other outlets for distributing releases to them that aren’t trying to compete on major media distribution fronts like PRweb is.”

The Basics
Strategic Public Relations
Some believe that in order to be successful in social media, all that is required are brains and tech savvy.  As a result, many believe that recruiting digital natives, those who have grown up in the digital age, is the best way to go.  Kevin Dugan points out that while tech savvy is important, nothing beats passion as the essential attribute of a successful social media career. “Yeah, this is far from earth-shattering. And it could easily be applied to more than just social media. But it helps explain why you see folks attend social media workshops and sit through presentations and
discussions with a blank stare on their face. You assume they’re there more because they know they need to learn than because they want to learn.”

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