September 29, 2022

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Social Media for HR (and other PR Blog Jots)

Social Media for HR (and other PR Blog Jots)

Social Media for PR HR
Now is Gone
Geoff Livingston on how to use social media to meet HR needs. “Blogs and social networks have turned into fantastic recruiting mechanisms, demonstrating some of the exciting activities a company can offer potential candidates.  One of my local partners and friends, Brian Williams at Viget Labs, always says one of the biggest benefits of Four Labs is its ability to attract great talent. In Great Britain there’s a new site called Vlog, which allows employers to video blog their site.”

Entry Level Social Media
PR Squared

Todd Defren with tips on how to break into social media. “It used to be that consumers tried to impact brands via letter-writing campaigns, boycotts, etc. Note that these activities tended to be activist and negative: that’s because it took a concerted effort to gain any attention.  Thus, only the truly pissed-off gave it a go; happy customers tended to just keep quiet and go about their business.”

ooVoo VooDoo
Marketing Conversation

Will you participate in ooVoo Day? “But MyooVooDay will be like no other day. We’ve lined up 23 prominent
blogger and commentators to host online video chats via ooVoo. You can talk with Bob Garfield of AdAge. Or Chris Thilk of Movie Marketing Madness. Now is Gone author Geoff Livingston will be there. Novelist and podcaster Scott Sigler. Karen Putz, a blogger and deaf mom of three. Irina Slutsky of Jack Myers of Jack Myer’s Media Village.”

They Might Not Get It, But Enough Already
Murphy’s Law

Tom Murphy is tired of hearing about who doesnt “get it.” “No one phrase chills my blood more than the declaration: “they just don’t get it”.  It’s remarkable how often you hear it.  I find the closer you are to a particular ivory tower, the more often it occurs. Translated it means “it’s all about my views”, if they disagree they’re stupid. It’s anathema to good communication. [As of course is using words like ‘anathema’ – don’t worry I spot the irony!]”

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