September 28, 2022

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The Big Shill (and Other PR Pod Jots)

The Big Shill (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to PR Pod Jots, CustomScoop’s weekly rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere.

Well, I still have a broken hand, but this week I will be able to offer a little more than just links, now that I have installed voice dictation software on my laptop. After my initial glowing review, however, I must say that I find the software to be a little bit frustrating in terms of accuracy.

As such, I was slightly relieved to see that it was a pretty light week in terms of podcasting! Wait, should I be admitting that? Oh well, onto the Jots! We will begin with the newest addition to our lineup:

Shill Podcast

This podcast is only on episode number three, but is rapidly becoming one of my favorites, if for no other reason than their show notes are hilarious (the show itself can be pretty funny as well). It manages to be interesting and entertaining, if not the most substantive PR podcast on the Web. Dave Jones and Doug Walker admit freely that their show is opinion based and fully biased, and I admit freely that it is fully entertaining, if lacking in “meat.”

Today they discuss the dangers of openly discussing clients, either on a podcast or in other venues.  Dave points out that it is impossible to not show bias when discussing clients or their issues, and for the most part he uses podcasting to promote his own opinions, not those of his clients.  Doug agrees, arguing that his clients actually pay him and he feels more comfortable discussing people or businesses who don’t — it is just safer.  I find this interesting, since so many people involved in social media use it as a venue to promote their clients and openly discuss them.  David and Doug’s approach of treating the podcasts like two guys discussing shop at a bar is rather innovative,  and I would like to welcome them to our weekly rundown with open arms.

Around The PR Podcast Horn (in random order)

10 Golden Rules to Internet Marketing
– Jay Berkowitz plays by the numbers this week, offering 10 tips for starting your own podcast.  He also has advice from an eBay expert, and discusses the Microsoft -Yahoo story.

Six Pixels of SeparationMeasurement is always a hot topic on PR podcasts, and Mitch Joel uses his six points this week to give you six ways to start getting serious about Web analytics and metrics.

Marketing over Coffee
Do you find yourself struggling to explain technology to your parents or grandparents?  Personally, I have yet to be able to explain to my grandparents — or my parents, come to think of it — what I even do for a living.  Chris Penn and John Wall explain what this has to do with MP3 players in this week’s show.

Jaffe Juice
Joe Jaffe is one of many bloggers and broadcasters discussing My ooVoo Day,  where an influential blogger fields questions in a video chat format. Also this week, he picks another popular topic — the recession, and how to market and advertise in tough economic times.

Marketing Martini
On his weekly short but sweet podcasts, Bill Sweetman discusses his latest favorite web tool, jConnect. The service allows you to send faxes and voicemail via e-mailand conference calls.

For Immediate ReleaseAnd finally, Shel and Neville had their usual busy week. On Monday’s show, they also touched on My ooVoo Day, as well as student PR blogs, and the upcoming FIR live show. On Thursday, they touched on Twitter and the Yahoo layoffs as well as CNN’s new citizen journalism website.

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    Hey, thanks for mentioning ooVoo here and I hoped that everyone enjoyed the video chats during My ooVoo Day. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out last week, I wanted to let you know that we stil l have free calling from ooVoo to landlines and cell phones for hte rest of the month….no need to drop a credit card or anything, just dial and call!
    oh yeah, and you can get the Mac version at

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