December 16, 2018

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The New Business of the News Business (and Other PR Blog Jots)

The New Business of the News Business (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Finding a New Business Model for News
Buzz Machine
Jeff Jarvis thinks it’s time to discuss real options for new business models for journalism.  He stresses the need for innovation, and offers some of his own ideas for the future of the business of the news business. “Too much of the discussion about the future of news has been focused on the blind hope for some neat solution: an iPod moment or a white knight or even, god help us, government support. And too much of the parallel discussion about media on the internet is about neat things.”

Is Social Media Too Isolated?
Marketing Conversation
Every time I’m headed out to either a social or networking function with my online contacts, I feel I have to offer at least a 20 minute explanation for how I know them. Every time I mention Twitter, my family and friends have no idea when I’m talking about. Jonathan Trenn wonders if perhaps our closed circle is a little too closed. “I’m thinking that, at times, we all too often get too caught up in reading each other’s blogs, following one another on Twitter, and friending one another on Facebook that we end up overvaluing  our experiences by thinking that either everyone else feels the same way – or they will live just like us because we are on the cutting edge.”

More on My Oovoo Day
PR Squared
Todd Defren posts a rundown on My Oovoo day, an opportunity for high-profile bloggers to interact with their communities and fans.  “Oovoo allows up to 6 people at a time to communicate in a real-time, private video chat.  So much of our interactions with our favorite bloggers are confined to reading their posts and commenting back-and-forth – which is intellectually stimulating but dry.  To be able to chat, laugh, ask good questions and follow-up instantly – while also getting a good sense for the blogger’s true nature – is a very “social” opportunity.”

It’s a Dirty Job
The Flack
much like even the vilest of criminals deserve the right to representation in court of law, unsavory public figures also require someone to represent them to the press.  Unlike the law, however, this is not a guaranteed right.  Peter Himler reports on some of the merry-go-round antics of the flacks to Hollywood’s least wanted. “So let me try to understand this. Between repping Federline or Lutfi, Mr. Sands opted for the Spears Svengali, the man accused by Britney’s trailer park parents of drugging their prodigal daughter.”

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