September 29, 2022

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Twittervision (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Twittervision (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Brand Flakes for Breakfast
Twitter has gained enough popularity to inspire several different applications to complement it, but what about a TV application? Noting that Twitter or has become a significant player in major televised events (the SuperBowl, for example), Darryl Ohrt calls for a cable channel that allows Twitter users to add their own pop-up comments to programming as it airs.  He was probably joking, but isn’t that an excellent idea? “This is an opportunity. Someone needs to produce television that I can add my own Twitter sub-titles to. Why couldn’t a broadcast be streamed,
and then allow a user to choose the Twitter buddies that appear as sub-titles? Every cable channel in the world is looking for a way to interact with the audience they’re losing….let’s produce this together.”

One PR to Rule them All?
Emily Tormey
A student PR blogger, Emily Tormey examines the various labels applied to the practice of public relations. While acknowledging that there is a way to generally define PR as being about building relationships, she references other bloggers to point out that the multi-hat nature of the industry doesn’t allow us to paint it with just one blanket term. “Using “PR” as a blanket term can be problematic for several reasons. Unfortunately, it seems like people either associate public relations with specific tactics such as press releases or they think of it as a means to attracting publicity (as in “publicity stunts”) and controlling reputation. Worst of all, public relations is sometimes vilified as “spinning” the news in order to protect client interests. ”

Social Internship
Diva Marketing Blog
Speaking of students, most people recognize the power of social media as a recruiting, networking, and jobhunting tool, but how many students try to use it to seek out internship opportunities? Toby Bloomberg announces the launch of YouIntern, a social community for college students looking for internships. She interviews site founder Anand Chopra-McGowan about the site’s future in the social media world. “It’s simple: we encourage advertising students to review their internship experience on We then link these students with employers, who post their open internships so students can apply after reading reviews. We also solicit expert advice from advertising industry professionals and write some sharp blogs so as to provide as much information as possible to students, and to keep them coming back. Our goal is to build a community that allows students to find worthwhile internships, and employers to recruit more qualified, energetic, motivated interns.”

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