December 16, 2018

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Where’s the Conversation? (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Where’s the Conversation? (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Have PR Blogs Lost Steam?
Tough Sledding
Bill Sledzik wonders if PR bloggers are starting to lose some momentum, growing distracted by all the latest shiny new things and moving away from the important conversations. I see his point to some extent, but I think what’s important is that it is those shiny things that may play a major role in the future of this industry, so why shouldn’t the thought leaders be discussing them as much as possible? “I hope the bloggers I cite here don’t take offense. They’re on my feeder because I learn from their insights. But lately I’m just not seeing as much substance in the “lessons” that any of us post. And because I’m a teacher, this worries me. Something tells me this post, like the one before it, won’t spark much conversation. I tell you, we’ve lost our wind.”

Speaking of Losing Steam: Superbowl Ads
Conversation Agent
Everyone can name at least a few iconic Superbowl ads (the famous 1984-inspired Apple ad, for example), but how many from the last few years? Valeria Maltoni examines the latest batch of ads from the biggest show on Earth for marketers, and interestingly wonders if the “Big Brother” figure screaming from the TV screen in that famous Apple ad isn’t now the marketers themselves. “Have we grown tired of making our ads work? The problem is this: 24
years later, the talking head on the video screen is today’s advertising status quo. We’re waiting for the next runner to rush down the aisle and swing her hammer into Big Advertising’s eye.”

Blast from the Past
Communications Overtones
What are some of the hottest trends for social media in 2008? Which are on their way out? Kami Huyse breaks down some of the trends she predicted late in 2006 to see which ones have risen to the top, and which fizzled out. Of note, she mentions that the changes predicted for the press release weren’t as great as she had hoped. “After Todd Defren’s Social Media News Release
template in 2006, not much happened.  2007 fell well short of my expectations. What did happen was that Shannon Whitley continued to improve the PRX Builder, a forum to build and send SMNRs, PR Newswire pressed its MultiVu product and BusinessWire marketed Eon, moving the discussion more toward Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of press releases. And via Todd, several large companies used the format, but usually as an add-on to a traditional press release.”

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