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Analysts Predict Doom for YouTube Imitators

Analysts Predict Doom for YouTube Imitators

YouTube is the gold-standard in online video-sharing websites. Purchased for more than one billion dollars by Google in 2006, the site boasts millions of views of its user-generated video content per month, far outpacing its smaller competitors.

According to a CNN analysis, many experts are predicting that YoutTube “wannabes” like Veoh and Hulu are ultimately doomed. Noting the recent demises of both Stage6 and Comcast-backed Revver, many wonder if anyone can compete with YouTube’s dominance.

With the solvency of video sites, which are extremely expensive to maintain, depending on advertising dollars, the smaller sites may be forced to shut down operations due to financial concerns, as was the case with Stage6.

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    Nathan Schock

    It’s interesting to think about this in terms of an online first-mover advantage. Can Amazon ever be dislodged from their position? ebay? It would seem that the only way to dislodge the early leader is with a vastly superior offering, Like facebook over Myspace or Gmail over hotmail. What functionality is YouTube missing that could lead to their downfall?

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