December 12, 2018

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Audience in Control? (And Other PR Blog Jots)

Audience in Control? (And Other PR Blog Jots)

Talking ’bout a Revolution?
Web Strategy By Jeremiah
There has already been more than enough debate and analysis surrounding the Zuckerberg keynote interview at South By Southwest Interactive this week (and stay tuned for more in this week’s Radio Roundtable!), but I still need to highlight Jeremiah Owyang’s post on SXSW takeaways. He highlights the dominance of the crowds at the event, noting several examples of attendees using back channels (like Twitter) to voice their opinions and try to drive the event. “Some are suggesting that this is an example of unruly mobs being rude and disruptive using anonymous tools. Despite the damages this could have, it’s certainly not going to go away. It will be interesting to see if conferences are going to encourage back channels (like SXSW promoted the Meebo chat rooms) or how they will embrace as they
naturally bubble up due to twitter usage. It’s very clear that this groundswell can quickly do immense damage (search engine results impact client and job relations) yet it can also put the power into the hands of the customers, in this case, the audience.”

Transparent Milk (Ew!)
Tough Sledding
There is an odd debate ongoing in the Ohio regarding labeling milk as being free of hormones, with some manufacturers lobbying to ban such labels, as they might indicating that use of the hormones is harmful. The pro-label group’s argument is about transparency. Bill Sledzik breaks down the issue, saying that the labels are fine, but should include disclaimers indicating that there is no evidence to suggest that the hormones are harmful. It is a balancing act, truly. “We’ll find the answer to this dilemma not at the extremes, but somewhere in the middle. As a longtime defender of the symmetrical model of PR, I believe in empowered customers and balanced dialog (even though I believe most consumers to be pretty clueless). But I’d rather they be confused by a message than never be exposed to it.”

Use Social Media, Grow Your Audience
This ongoing series on how to grow the audience of your blog has offered up some extremely useful advice, particularly to new bloggers looking to get their feet wet. In the latest installment, Darren Rowse offers advice on how to use social media tools to spread the word about your blog. He recommends using social networking sites and bookmarking tools, and suggests nine social media methods, starting with making sure to talk back. “Be an Active Participant – it is important to see these sites for what they are – they’re social sites which are designed for regular use and interactions between readers. They are not designed for people to come to to spam their own links and leave – they’re designed for ongoing, genuine and helpful interactions between people. As a result those who spend time using these sites are the ones who generally are rewarded for doing so over the long haul. While there is a temptation to only use these sites on occasion when it benefits yourself you’ll find them more fruitful paces to visit when you regularly participate and genuinely interact with others.”

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