December 18, 2018

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Blog Ad Networks (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Blog Ad Networks (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Mainstream Media Advertising on Blogs
What’s Next Blog
Mainstream media has begun to recognize the power of the web, and the power of the blog in particular, in reaching a large audience. BL Ochman, who had been a part of the Washington Post and Newsweek blog ad network (which flopped), will now be joining a similar network for Forbes. She urges them to learn from the mistakes of previous efforts and see the efficiency of using blogs for advertising. “There’s money in blog advertising, for advertisers and bloggers. But here’s the bottom line: without great creative — which is in very short supply — blog advertising will fail. And without first-hand knowledge of social media influence building — which, sorry to say, mainstream media still doesn’t have — blog advertising will fail no matter who’s selling the ads.”

Blog Out of a Crisis?
When faced with a serious PR issues, more and more PR professionals are using blogs as a key tool in crisis communications. Gerald Baron examines some examples of blogging out of trouble, concluding that while blogging alone may not solve image problems, it can be an important tool in the arsenal. “No, you can’t blog your way out of a crisis. But as anyone knows who has been caught in a major crisis, what happens online matters a lot. What shows up in Google is both an indicator of trouble and trouble itself. Blogging is one absolutely critical way to address the comments, questions and problems head on. Talk directly to those who are trying hard to influence others with their very limited information and perspective.”

Networks that Play Together
Bryan Person
People might have noticed the latest Twitter community game taking place in the last couple weeks, a modified version of the “color wars” any of us who went to camp growing up (summer, not Pod) will remember. Bryan Person notes with amusement the details of the game, which has no real purpose, and how even the simplest things can bring an online community together. “Here’s what I think: It doesn’t really matter where this is going or what it’s actually about. I just consider Color Wars 2008 a quirky kind of showcase for creativity and the power of online community. Ultimately, just being part of the playful journey is good enough for me.”

Kindle Going Strong
It is with profound disappointment that I read that the Amazon Kindle book reader, the electronic advice that I soundly rejected when it first debuted, is going strong. Hamish Macphail reports on the surprise success of the device, which currently has customers on waiting lists, despite a $400 price tag for a device that doesn’t do anything but let you read books. “What does it mean?  Is there a learning here, more than new-gadget craze?  What is it about this device that has captured people’s desires?  The message seems to be, that it’s not just about the functionality.  Technically, you could read a book on an iPod, or a PDA, or a laptop, or even a phone – and people have these things already. But, they choose to clutter up their bags (it’s too big for a pocket) with another single-purpose device.”

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