December 9, 2018

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Blog to the Future (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Blog to the Future (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Blog to the Future
Communication Overtones
Reporting from a panel she served on at South By Southwest, Kami Huyse discusses the future of the corporate blog. As Shel Holtz pointed out in a recent post, the corproarte blog has become an ingrained aspect of a company’s website, and will be an improtant element in future corporate comms plans. Kami links to some great coverage of her panel, and gives an overview of the discussion. “As a conversational approach to customer service and care evolves, it takes the internal team to make it work.  It seems there is a need out there to develop better tools to tie all of the various social
media tactics together and provide cohesion. In other words, the needs of the communication should drive the development of the tools, and not the other way around.”

Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?
Influential Marketing Blog

Bloggers can get riled up pretty easily, and there are plenty of ways to do it. We are truly a feisty bunch. At South By Southwest this week, Rohit Bhargava conducted a panel discussion to determine some of the easiest ways to drive a blogger nuts. Some on the list included asking for something in the first contact, and not gauging how the blogger conducts themselves before reaching out (that is, do they behave more bloggy, or more like a journalist?). “Get the journalism relationship right.  Some bloggers consider themselves journalists and others don’t.  It was clear from the
participants that this is a tricky subject, as some people also noted after the session.”

PoliSocial Networking
Engage in PR

While I think Barack Obama’s new social network has a remarkably unfortunate name (MyBO? Really, Barack?), it is encouraging to continue to see politicians embracing social media and its tenets, Obama and Clinton both frequently discuss the need for more transparency, with the former even indicating he would put Oval Office meetings on CSPAN. Kyle Flaherty reviews MyBO and discusses social networking in politics. “Saw my Obama Score: This is cute, and effective with any minimal knowledge of human behavior. You get points for each “action” you take on the network, i.e. when I set up my profile I got 25pts. But they also tell me that I only need one more point to move up in my ranking
(currently I’m tied for 175,404th). I immediately looked for ways to move up! I can’t see who is number one on the list though, that would be helpful because I would like to ‘friend’ that person. Driving folks to put in more information can be as simple as a silly ranking and point structure!”

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