December 12, 2018

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Crowd Wisdom (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Crowd Wisdom (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Wisdom of the Crowds

People depend on the “wisdom of the crowds” for everything from picking teams for their March Madness bracket to finding a good hotel in Jamaica. We read product reviews, look for customer service feedback, and rely on total strangers to help us make the right choices. But would you trust the crowd to develop your company’s marketing campaigns, or come up with new concepts? Drew Smith suggests just that. “The handy thing about crowdsourcing is that there are countless degrees to which a company can deploy the initiative; as evidenced in the last example, the outsourcing firm can administer significant control over the process – it’s not simply a case of putting your valuable brand and intellectual property in the hands of plain old anybody. But, of course, dependent on the vision of the idea, that’s entirely possible, too.”

Twitter Suggestion
Dave Fleet
Twitter creativity is flowing steadily this week, as Dave Fleet comes up with a nifty suggestion for the popular microblogging platform. What if you could organize your friends and only follow certain groups at certain times? It would make things a bit easier if we could only follow who we mean to follow. “The “hashtags” would allow you to display messages for each group separately. Boom! You’ve got an app that lets you customize how you organize your twitter reading. Twitku does a similar thing, with separate panels for Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce. You could do this for each group. I’m no programming expert (I did do my share of web development a few years back, but nothing recently) so I’d love some feedback on whether this works under Twitter’s API.”

Go Brand Yourself
Chris Brogan
While the Jots normally focus on the business of communication in the 2.0 era, I thought Chris Brogan’s excellent post on personal leadership deserved some attention. After all, we are businesspeople first, right? Chris’ post thoughtfully examines developing yourself as your own commodity; he offers tips on everything from self esteem to how to build the right support network. “Beyond yourself, it helps to have intelligent supporters who will both challenge you and lend you strength for those rare moments when you use up your own. This comes after building your own inner self-esteem, but before going out to take on the world. Why? Because having a nice base of friends (and they don’t have to be family) who support you, challenge you, and who believe in you, and give you perspective beyond your own is like having your very own superhero team at your back when you set out to take on the world.”

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