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Diva Marketing Talks (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Diva Marketing Talks (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to another edition of CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, our weekly rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. We have yet another new addition to the lineup this week, as I discovered Toby Bloomberg’s Diva Marketing Talks.

And, as with most new arrivals, Toby’s show (available on BlogTalkRadio and live) gets the lead-off position.

Diva Marketing Talks Joins the Lineup

For her debut on the PodJots lineup (and I’m sure she had us in mind, but of course), Toby Bloomberg spends 30 minutes on RSS, probably my favorite geek tool I’ve learned about in the last year. Toby explains how RSS works, and exactly why it is so important to social media, along with guests Bill Flitter, CEO of Pheedo, and Lee Feinberg, Strategy Director, Avenue A. They compare RSS readers to “picture on picture on steroids,” as the ability to pull in loads of information at once is much like a more advanced version of watching two programs at once.

Lee stresses that not getting caught up in the technology is the best way to introduce RSS concepts to wary clients. I think this point is especially important. I’d even recommend never even using much of the jargon surrounding the technology. When talking to a non-geek, how many are going to understand where you’re coming from when you’re thowing out terms like “RSS” and “blog feed?” Check out the show for more tips and get a better understanding of how to access the power of this important social media tool.

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in random order):

The Engaging BrandWell, I’d say Anna Farmery had a very special guest indeed on The Engaging Brand this week! Just kidding, it was only me. I chatted with Anna about the importance of media monitoring (including social media) for reputation management, and how best to approach online reputation concerns.

Trafcom News
Running a nonprofit organization is a difficult enough undertaking even for the well-funded. Donna Papcosta’s podcast today focuses on ideas for executing your “big” goals even when working with a constricted budget. She has also set up a wiki to continue the discussion, check it out!

Six Pixels of Separation
Reporting from 35,000 feet with his first-ever “planecast,” Mitch Joel offers up a terrific conversation with marketing guru and best-selling author Seth Godin. Despite his upcoming NYC break, he also doesn’t fail to deliver his weekly six points, discussing Six Ways to Make a Difference this week.

The gang at Topaz Partners runs the gamut of issues this week (Jen Zingsheim and I should bug Doug Haslam for help coming up with podcast discussion topics, since he always seems to have so many!), touching on everything from a PR Week article wondering if public relations is a recession-proof industry to Prince Harry’s much-ballyhooed tour in Afghanistan.

Marketing Over Coffee
John and Chris offer part two of their two-part series on the “State of Search” this week. They focus heavily on advertising, covering everything in online ads from AdWords to Adsense, and marking ads as content as the future of online advertising. Also, discover why no one does SEM better than Google (and also, what SEM is, since if you’re like me you don’t know!).

Inside PR
Dave and Terry kick off their next 100 episodes with a brand new format this week, adding a panel discussion element to the show with help from Julie Rusciolelli, Keith McArthur and Martin Waxman. The panel discusses ethics in public relations, and the use of social media by government. Also–be sure to let them know just how much you’ll miss Inside PRoper English!!

Jaffe Juice
Joe reacts (much as CC Chapman did in his own show last week) to the challenge laid forth by Sarah “Intelligirl” Robbins to offer a real solution for breaking free of the fish bowl and recruiting some fresh meat to the new media landscape. Joe turns it around on his audience, calling for ideas on how to spread the word.

For Immediate Release
This was a busy week in FIR-land, but as always Shel and Neville managed to come through with two excellent shows. On Monday’s edition they discussed  Prince Harry and the lack of likelihood that a media embargo will hold much weight these days. Thursday,  Shel reported from the Ragan conference in Las Vegas, while Neville reported on the IABC’s launch of eXchange, a blogging service and much more.

Marketing Martini
The domain name that is perfect for your company or group is taken. Now what? Bill Sweetman offers advice on how to secure the domain name of your choice, even if someone else already owns it. I always enjoy learning about this aspect of marketing on Bill’s shows, he always covers something I likely wouldn’t have given much thought to previously.

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    Sarah – What a cool surprise to find Diva Marketing Talks profiled on CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots. Thanks! A warm welcome you and your community. Diva Talks is 30-minutes. 1 social media topic and 2 guests .. to ensure a conversation and not a (promotional) interview 😉

    Sarah Wurrey

    Welcome, Toby! I’ve been looking to expand horizons lately, and delighted to have some lively female voices to add to the mix, 🙂

    Anna Farmery

    Sarah – just heard from the Australian listener and he said a big thank you for helping him…and thanks from me for coming on board despite your cold 🙂

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