December 9, 2018

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Employee Blogging Issues (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Employee Blogging Issues (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Blogging Liability?
Many companies, including most recently Cisco, are updating their policies in guidelines in regards to employee blogging. Gerald Baron notes quite rightly that while we may all complain about the need for full transparency, that many companies are so worried about their liability that it begins to outweigh the transparency concerns. “Blogging by employees has become part and parcel of the business scene-and a tremendous impetus toward transparency. But, there are risks and dangers. And while Scoble and other leaders of corporate blogging argued for minimal guidance and control by corporate leaders, it seems our litigious society will not allow that to happen for long. I suspect this case and the thousands of others soon to follow will drastically change corporate blogging-much to the loss of all of us.”

Tips for Young Communicators
Media Guerrilla
Those just starting out in the communications business, or those still studying, may feel overwhelmed by the dramatic changes and new technology. Mike Manuel offers a few tips for young PR pros to keep their heads and stand out from the crowd in the early years of their careers. Of note, he urges learning HTML. “Seriously, as communicators, if you really want to be successful using your first language, consider learning a second — HTML. It’s a universal language that’s becoming critically important in PR, especially as the reach and influence of the web continues to shape and
inform market opinions and perceptions. I think having some basic knowledge of HTML gives you a small leg up when, for example, you’re using a tool, such as a blog in business.”

Four C’s to Social Engagement
Now is Gone
While we all frequently sing the praises of “the conversation” in regards for social media, Geoff Livingston argues that it is less just casual conversation than it is “social engagement,” and lays out a four step guide for the correct way to engage. “Conversation: The most talked about form of engagement (pun intended), this embodies blogging and true social networking. Conversations from a corporate standpoint in these realms include corporate blogging, applications for social networks, community forums, even social advertising.  Participation in the conversation works better in these environments rather than the tired old one-way approach to communications.  Many think the term conversation has become a cliche, or overused, but smart people know that conversation is simply a two-way dialogue.”

Blogging Book Tour
Strategic Public Relations
In conjunction with the launch of his new book, “Personality Not Included,” Rohit Barghava conducted 55 interviews with bloggers. Kevin Dugan posts his today (see the full list here). They discuss how social media will react to a struggling economy, and what sets Rohit’s book apart from other business tomes. “Personality Not Included brings together some of the hottest trends in business right now (social media, WOM and authenticity) and offers more
than 100 case studies, as well as a unique action guide to put all the theories of the book into action immediately.”

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