September 30, 2022

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Giving Good Audio (and Other PR PodJots)

Giving Good Audio (and Other PR PodJots)

Welcome to Media Bullseye’s weekly PR Pod Jots, our summary of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere from the past week. This week saw a bit more SxSW aftermath (CC Chapman was enthusiastic, Dave Jones and Doug Walker were bitterly jealous), as well as many other terrific discussions.

Onto the Jots!

Trafcom News – How to Give Good Audio

We begin with Donna Papacosta this week, who posted a handy podcast with tips on how to be an effective podcast guest–and guarantee you will be asked back. Donna is a terrific podcaster, and when she guest starred on the Media Bullseye Roundtable this week I would have been better off handing hosting duties over to her, as I am still a bit green in that department. Her tips are invaluable for guests and hosts, alike, after all.

Donna recommends preparing, but not overpreparing. That is, take a few notes on the subjects you’ll be covering, but do not read from them verbatim. Also important? Slow down! This is one I fall victim to repeatedly. I think it stems from competing with my sister for speaking time when babbling at my parents. She also urges guests to think in sound bites, try to offer up good quotes.

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in random order):

On the RecordEric Schwartzman puts Business Week columnist Jon Fine on the hot seat this week,  and the two discuss a number of ways that digital technology is changing traditional media. Fine covers everything from the decline of the newspaper to competition in cable broadcasting.

The Engaging Brand
In part two of what I’m certain was a topic of high interest (especially for the somewhat high strung like myself), Anna Farmery and Cary Cooper discuss managing stress in business. They discuss not only the causes of stress in the workplace, but also how to predict when it will occur and map out strategies to avoid it altogether. 

Inside PREthics is the main topic up for discussion on the show this week, as Terry (working solo due to Dave being ill) welcome Martin Waxman and Keith MacArthur to the program. The three discuss the always-interesting concerns about maintaining ethics in the industry even when some clients (Big Tobacco, for example) may not be the most ethically pure themselves.

The Shill
Dave Jones and Doug Walker question the value of being “first”–not in the “First!!!” sense, but the first to report on a breaking story or newest social media tool. Dave complains about the deluge of SXSW posts from last week, and they discuss how live-blogging and Tweeting are a symptom of this phenomenon.

Marketing MartiniSEO has been on my mind lately, so I was interested in hearing Bill Sweetman’s latest offering, in which he offers tips to ensure your blog or website will pop up on the major Internet search engines. He talks about some basics of optimizing your site for search, and some of the tools you can use to ensure you will be at the top of the results.

For Immediate Release
On Monday this week, Shel and Neville discuss the latest changes in Second Life, along with the continued fight against employers blocking access to certain website. Later in the week, Neville flies solo and focuses on Microsoft, and a new book designed to help organizations take advantage of social media.

Six Pixels of Separation
Mitch Joel is so overwhelmed with the power of blogging that he forgets which episode he is on (almost 100! Congrats!). Mitch asks for feedback on his current podcast format, and offers some excellent tips for those of you who have your own podcast, or are considering starting one. 

Managing the Gray –  CC Chapman recaps his “passionate” experience from South By Southwest Interactive last week. This conference has been growing more popular every year, and CC’s podcast serves as an excellent primer for those considering attending next year’s event for the first time. He also finds it worth noting (as do I) that Twitter, known for its occasional hiccups, stayed up and running for the duration. Good on them.

Diva Marketing Talks
Earth Day is right around the corner, and Toby Bloomberg’s show is an excellent reminder this week. She welcomes Mary Clare Hunt and Ginny Dyson to the program to discuss how social media marketing can be integrated into your “green” marketing campaign. 

Marketing Over CoffeeIt is so hard to summarize this show, because these guys cover so many interesting topics (must be all that coffee). But this week, they also cover SEO (seeing a lot of discussion on this lately), as well as ways to build a solid in-house marketing list without getting tagged as a spammer.     

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    Sarah – appreciate the mention. Mary and Ginny not only gave some wonderful insights on how to put together a green marketing strategy they presented an easy to understand ‘primer’ of sustainability standards and green wash.

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