September 29, 2022

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Poli Jots (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Poli Jots (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Does Obama “Get it?”
I know, I know, another post on someone getting it or not getting it. But Sean Howard’s compellingly thoughtful analysis of the community building capabilities of the Barack Obama campaign is strong enough to make upo for the use of the catchphrase. He studies Obama’s candidacy as a case study not in crowd sourcing, but in “crowd enabling,” calling the campaign historic for more reasons than the media touts. “Barack Obama is an amazing case study of how engagement can enable citizens on a scale and breadth never before dreamed possible.  It’s important that we see this campaign as a concerted effort across mediums, channels and communities.  And it’s critical we see the lifting up of the individual, their actions and their individual voices as a cornerstone of the campaign’s efforts.”

The Hill is Alive with the Sound of Spin
Common Sense PR
In another election related post, Eric Eggertson accuses the Clinton campaign of using a template approach to spin her victories in last night’s Texas and Ohio primaries. I think it’s a bit unfair to bag on any campaign for putting the right spin on their circumstances in speeches…I mean, wouldn’t they be stupid not to? But Eggertson makes some salient points on the power of spin in communications, particularly political communications. ” Let’s all forget about those other states that would have been really good to win for the Clinton campaign. As of Tuesday night, Ohio is the bellwether state of all bellwether states, a must-win state for any serious Democratic contender. That’s the spin from Hillary Clinton, and she’s standing by that story.

It’s Not Just Blogs, Stupid
Pssst! Corporate America! Social media is not just about blogs, and a good blog strategy does not actually cover your bases when working up a social media campaign. Dave Fleet is weary of companies getting into blogging just because it seems the “in” thing at the moment. “I’m thrilled that these folks, some of whom I already knew and have great respect for, are excited about social media. However, I worry about people launching headlong into ill-advised, poorly thought-out initiatives, getting burned and not coming back for more, just because it’s the ‘in’ thing to do.”

IABC Takes on the SMR
Shel Holtz
In both traditional and social fashion, the IABC recently announced it would be taking an active role in setting up standards and guidelines for the social media press release. Shel Holtz reports extensively on what this all means, and launches a preemptive strike against all naysayers and party poopers in defense of the need for an SMR at all. I am thrilled at this development, I think the SMR is terrific and love to see companies and agencies embracing it, but some standards could do it some real good. “Under IABC’s sponsorship, I’m confident that we’ll be see accelerated progress. For example, it should be easier to get the press release distribution services more involved; Business Wire and PR Web have already committed to participation since receiving an invitation from IABC.”

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