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SEO and Social Media (and Other PR Pod Jots)

SEO and Social Media (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to another edition of CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, our weekly summary of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. For the first time in a few weeks, we actually don’t have any new podcasts to welcome to the fray, although there was plenty of activity this week from our usual suspects–surprising, considering that little conference that was going on in Texas earlier this week.

We will begin by highlighting the Topaz Partners PRobecast, as they recap last night’s Boston Social Media Club event, which I was unable to attend. Did you miss out too? Tune in!

PRobecast – Boston Social Media and More

Other obligations prevented me from attending last night’s SEO discussion at the sold-out Boston Social Media Club event, so I was delighted to see Doug Haslam, Sandy Kalik, Rob Capra and Tim Alik cover the event in their weekly podcast. I have quite a hard time understanding even what SEO is most of the time, all I seem to know about it is that those who practice it must constantly fend off criticism that it is a “black hat” way to game the web into inflating the importance of a particular blog.

The panel at the event discussed these issues, along with the struggle to maintain transparency when dealing with SEO. Doug argues that some SEO professionals may lack a sense of humor, in particular about their “trade secrets.” He is critical of the panel members, who apparently were less than willing to share many tips on how their business works. Tim compares it to a “dark science.”

I will make a point to be at the next SEO discussion at an event, because I remain somewhat perplexed, as Sandy points out that the practice continues to be somewhat vague and shadowy.

Also Discussed:

  • NY Gov. Spitzer’s PR trouble
  • SXSW aftermath
  • Stalking reporters as a PR technique?

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in random order):

On the RecordErich Schwartzman interviews reporter Chris Wilson this week. They discuss the “wisdom of the crowds” theory of social media. Chris touches on social news sites like, and offers a reporter’s view of Wikipedia and similar crowd-based sources of information. 

The Engaging BrandWhat me, worry? My last name has elicited all manner of worry jokes, and I think resulted in me actually manage to become something of a worrywart in my old age. So Anna Farmery’s first of a two-part series on managing stress in business is right up my alley. Considering this seems to be a pretty universal phenomenon, it’s likely up your alley too. Anna interview Gary Cooper, a professor of psychology, on the best methods for managing your stress.

10 Golden Rules
The main attraction of the latest edition of the 10 Golden Rules podcast with Jay Berkowitz is an interview with founder and general web guru Jason Calcanis. Jay also touches on reports from PodCamp Toronto, and an interview with Pay Per Post’s Ted Murphy.

Six Pixels of Separation – 
This week, Mitch Joel posts an interesting conversation between him and Bryan Eisenberg about web analytics. For his six points this week, he suggests six techniques to improve your blogging technique.

Marketing Over Coffee
Do you ever listen to a podcast or follow someone’s blog long enough you feel just as excited by their accomplishments as they do? Well on MOC this week John and Chris discuss, among a number of other topics, Chris’ appearance in the New York Times to discuss the social media resume. Way to go, Chris!

For Immediate Release
On yesterday’s edition of FIR, Shel and Neville (along with featuring our latest reformatting of the media monitoring minute to include the occasional non-CustomScoop voice, what did you think?) give advice on surviving online hecklers, and the importance of comments to the conversation. On Monday’s episode, they cover audience dominance, Southwest’s PR push, and whether it’s possible to be truly “off the record” anymore.

Inside PR
Speaking of “off the record,” Dave and Terry cover the same issue this week, speaking with Keith Macarthur and Michelle Sullivan about whether it’s possible to trust that anything we say will really be considered off the record. 

Marketing MartiniHow many of us really think about the subject lines when we are sending email? Sometimes I even forget to add one at all! But this is a big no-no in marketing, and Bill Sweetman guides listeners through writing the most effective subjects, potentially increasing the chances that the email will actually be read.

Diva Marketing Blog
And finally this week, marketing diva Toby Bloomberg welcomes Yvonne DiVita and Dede Sutton to the show to discuss appealing to that all-important demo with your marketing: women. Interesting topic, as I am often baffled at the ways advertisements and marketers think they are appealing to women. When will they learn?

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    Sarah – thanks for the shout out. Yvonne and Deanna were wonderful providing insights about marketing to women using social media. As Yvonne put it social media and marketing to women is a match made in heaven. Why? It provides the best opportunities to build relationships which is the secret of marketing to women.

    Doug Haslam

    Oh Dear– I come out looking like I was being mean to SEOs, though as usual I wasn’t that black and white. OK, I was. I’ll take what comes. If SEOs do have a sense of humor, I guess I’ll find out!

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