December 11, 2018

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Social Media Homework (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Social Media Homework (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Do Your Homework
Marketing Roadmaps
It’s difficult to overemphasize the importance of learning how to do appropriate blogger relations–for those interested in engaging bloggers, anyway. Susan Getgood emphasizes the need to conduct the appropriate research and target your pitches correctly. The best-written pitch in the world won’t move a blogger who is not in your target audience. She argues that not enough agencies do their homework in this regard. “They still play the numbers game — build as big a list as possible, focus on the “top” blogs and bloggers, blast the pitch and see what falls out.  I, on the other hand, am convinced that if you spend the time to narrow your list and reach out to a smaller number of bloggers who will be very interested, you’ll get better results.”

7 Blog Upgrades
Chris Brogan
Are you interested in improving your blog and attracting more readers? Who isn’t, right? Chris Brogan has seven tips you can start using today to give your blog a little “oomph.” He recommends editing posts thoroughly, having an awesome “About me” page, being accessible, and making sure you are always saying something new. “You’ve got a goal of reaching out to a community. It might be a church. It might be a business community. It might be the users of your product or service. But that doesn’t mean we have to love your blog. That comes with you upping your game and striving to improve.”

LinkedIn Company Profiles
Six Pixels of Separation
As social networks go, LinkedIn is indeed one of the more underrated. Sure, everyone I know is on there, but it doesn’t get as much love as Facebook and Twitter from the community. Mitch Joel sings the site’s praises and gives its latest new beta feature, company profiles, a quick review. “I did a quick check of the one it produced for Twist Image,
and while a lot of the data is rough, a little off, etc… it still gives a pretty cool 10,000 foot view of what the company is up to, who works there, how it connects with other companies and some cool other little tricks like:- Related Companies – which companies employees are most related to (this is mostly where they came from and where they tend to go).”

Now is Gone
Anyone can start a job–but is simply starting and using a blog enough? Not according to Geoff Livingston, who argues that too many marketers are using social media simply to “push” their message, without doing enough to pull back and engage readers in a conversation. “How are people going to find out about it unless you are participating in the larger discussion?  Which social networks do you play in? Why will they care without relevant context to their problems. Ditto for blogger pitches.  Don’t treat bloggers like media!!!! Why bother unless you really know what the blogger wants, writes about and cares about?”

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