December 18, 2018

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Twitter in Plain English (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Twitter in Plain English (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Common Craft Strikes Again
While just about every blog in my reader is linking to this, I think it deserves a Jots plug as well. Lee Lefever of Common Craft, who made waves last year with their “RSS in Plain English” video, which explained the concept of RSS in ways that my grandmother could even understand. Lee’s latest? Twitter! Bryan Person posts the video and gives the appropriate props. “The only critique I have — and it’s one that’s mentioned in some of the comments to Lee’s post — is that there’s no real mention of using Twitter beyond answering the site’s basic “What are you doing?” question. As anyone who has spent any amount of time on Twitter will tell you, there are many other interesting ways to fill 140 characters.”

SHIFT Weighs in on IABC Announcement
PR Squared
As one of the principals behind the original social media release template from SHIFT, Todd Defren shares his thoughts on the announcement from the IABC that they will be taking a leadership role in establishing SMR standards. I had been anticipating Todd’s reaction since reading the announcement, and he welcomes the development wholeheartedly as a sign that the SMR will continue to be a force in public relations strategy.  “As a part of the IABC Working Group, I will proffer these efforts to the IABC team, for consideration as part of the standard-making process.  Some of the ideas will make the cut, some won’t – but given the high caliber of my fellow Working Group members (many of whom are
listed in IABC’s announcement), I am cool with that.”

Corporate Blogging Secrets
Pro PR
As made evident by my appreciation for the Common Craft videos, I am a big fan of so-called “101 posts,” which lay out potentially complex social media issues in simple terms “newbies” can understand.  Joseph Thornley’s blogging tips for newbie corporate bloggers is an excellent example, particularly since he leads off by advising everyone getting into the game to take the time to listen first. Hopefully, new business bloggers will start by listening to this advice! “Social media is about communities of interest. Before you start writing, you should find your online community. Who writes about the things you care about? Who do you find most insightful and persuasive. Subscribe to their feeds, read them regularly and comment on their blogs. Doing this before you start to write your own blog will give you both a better sense of what you have to say that will benefit the people you care about. It will also help you to build your own
credibility with them.”

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