December 18, 2018

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What Stinks? (and Other PR Blog Jots)

What Stinks? (and Other PR Blog Jots)

What  Stinks?
Social Media Marketing
Reporting from a South By Southwest conference panel  with Jeff Jarvis and other notables, Scott Monty summarizes the panel’s opinion on the worst social media campaigns of 2007. The social media space is pretty great at self policing for stinkers, so a panel like this feels a little like piling on, but it is an amusing read nevertheless. Who can resist another chance to take shots at Wal-Mart for their disastrous fake blog? “Steve Hall concluded with this statement, which I think more marketers should keep in mind: “It’s not hard to tell the truth; if you don’t, it’s just a matter of time before the public finds out.” Agencies typically take the fall for the client (“the client didn’t know about this”) because they don’t want to lose the business. The bottom line, according to the panelists is: treat people as people, not as a mass. You’ll be forgiven if you’re honest with people.”

Trade Season
Ronin Marketeer
In this age of blogging and frenzied technology, time-tested old school marketing techniques can go overlooked. Responding to a reader inquiry, John Wall offers a solid argument for attending trade shows and ponying up sponsorship dollars to get your company’s name out there. “I can think of two reasons why to go – lead generation and branding (which some may call awareness). Lead gen makes it simple, a show is a success if we get more names than the previous year. You can also divide the cost of the show by the leads and have a hard metric to brag about. The awareness side is more difficult to measure, but you can survey attendees, watch web traffic following an event and cross new leads from the weeks following the show by the geographic region the show was in to see if you get a boost.”

Blog Networking
Pro PR
While Facebook and other networking sites allow you to connect with friends and professional contacts online, Joe Thornley looks more to blogs to get to compelling content. He is recommending some new tools to bring a networking element to content, allowing bloggers to make connections through their blogs rather than just their profile pages. “I’m a member of Facebook. But it seems to me that it’s best for making connections with others and signalling affinity to causes. But for great content, I still look to blogs. That’s where the serious writers have continued to post their content and where the discussion has flowed most freely. Moreover, this occurs in the open, outside of any walled garden, where all this great content is available to anyone who can use Search.”

Blog Bullying
I think most bloggers have encountered enough occasionally negative feedback to realize that like most public endeavors, blogging requires a thick skin at times. Jonathan Fields  offers constructive advice on how best to engage (or ignore) a blog heckler. “If you find yourself or your ideas being attacked in a comment or even a post on someone else’s blog, it’s important to try to understand what the commenter is trying to accomplish by voicing her/his opinion. This will go a long way toward letting you figure out how best to respond, if at all.”

BW Drops the Ball in SXSW Zuck Keynote
Buzz Machine
I noticed a few negative Tweets regarding the keynote at SXSW featuring Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Jeff Jarvis has an excellent analysis of what went wrong with the Zuckerberg interview, boiling it down to a total audience mis-read. “When it became obvious that the audience was hostile to her — cheering Zuckergerg when he told her to ask a question — she acted hurt, as if this hour was about her. Worse, she told us how tough her job was. It wasn’t tough. It was a privilege and she was blowing it. And at the end, when she said that people should send her an email telling her
what went wrong, she was so 1994; she didn’t understand that the people in the crowd were already coalescing in Twitter and blogs into an instant consensus.”

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